„Kill your Cosmetics“ - initiated by Reni aka xKarenina on Youtube

I don’t know about you guys, but I have way too many beauty products and the amount keeps growing and growing to the extent that I am really worried about where to stash all that! And since I use a different product every day according to my mood and the outfit I am wearing, I am not using up anything, yet worse, the collection keeps growing and growing with no end in sight!

So this morning I found out about Renis initiative to „kill your cosmetics“, which, I think, is a great idea and will help me clear out some stuff by using it up.

Reni is doing a German version of Lollipop26’s "project 10 pan" and I am quoting from Lollipop26’s blogpost entry dated April 18, 2009 (http://lollipop26writes.blogspot.com/2009/04/project-10-pan.html):

Project 10 Pan
What does this mean? It means that I am not able to purchase any cosmetics until I have used up/hit pan on at least 10 items in my current collection. It can be a foundation, lipstick, lipgloss, blusher, eyeshadow or eyeliner... anything like that... but I have to have completely used it up for it to count. Once I have used up 10 I can then purchase something.

Reni adapted it to make it a little less cruel ;-) and a little more practicable. So there are some exceptions, things that you may buy anyway, even if you haven’t used up your 10 stated items:
· Limited editions may be purchased (hey, who could expect us skipping those!!)
· When you hit the pan of eyeshadows, powders or creams, that counts as used up
· Beauty products in general count as well, so you may include a shower gel or a moisturizer in your list
· Some products may be almost used up or only half full, others must be newish with almost the full amount of product left
· You may repurchase essentials like your foundation and mascara since no one can expect us living without those ;-)
· Toothpaste and deodorants are excluded since they are very necessary!!

Everyone who wants to participate is kind of free to adapt the rules to ones needs and wants. I will make the following allowances for myself: I will not include brand new products who I have not used yet since then it will take me forever and I will include deodorants since I have a ridiculous amout of them!

Renis video can be found here:
You may send her your post or your video so she can see how the project evolves, contact details can be found on her youtube page.

I will post my list of items once I have my nominees! :-)

Take care!


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