"Kill your Cosmetics" - My Product Choice

  1. The Body Shop Grape Seed Dry Oil Mist
  2. The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray
  3. The Body Shop Of a Woman Lait de Parfum
  4. L' Occitane Comfort Cleansing Fluid
  5. Vichy Capital Soleil Autobronzant
  6. Jade FeuchtigkeitsMake-Up in 1 Hell Beige
  7. Essence Multi-Vitamin Nail Hardener
  8. Essence SOS Nail Savers Nail & Cuticle Balm
  9. OPI Tutti Frutti Tonga
  10. L' Oréal Glam Shine in 06 Sand Crystal

These are the products that I am intending to use up before buying anything new and this is going to be a real challenge, because I have to use up all 10 of them. When I tried adding eyeshadows I realized it would never work, because that would just take forever, same with blush!

So here is why I picked these products:

The Body Shop Grape Seed Dry Oil Mist: I love this product (like almost everything from the Body Shop), I just rarely use it. And since it's perfect for the summer because it leaves a shiny glow on your skin, I will use it up now.

The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray: I don't really know why I bought this because I never use it. I don't know, I will just randomly spray my feet whenever I feel like it, I guess...

The Body Shop Of a Woman Lait de Parfum: Ohhh.... this is one of my favorite parfums EVER!! There are so many memories attached to it and I just love love love it. Unfortunately it has been discontinued and unfortunately my remaining bit starts to lose its scent, so I better hurry up before it's totally scentless!

L' Occitane Comfort Cleansing Fluid: I don't really like this one, I just hope I use it up fast!

Vichy Capital Soleil Autobronzant: I have been so lazy with self-tanning this year, so I better use it up before it turns nasty, that has happened to me before, when I tried to squeeze the cream out of the product and it had totally changed color and smelled badly.

Jade FeuchtigkeitsMake-Up in 1 Hell Beige: I love this foundation, it is very moisturizing and leaves a nice finish, the coverage is also quite decent. I have almost used it up so this is going to be an easy one!

Essence Multi-Vitamin Nail Hardener: I like it, still glides on smoothly after some years and will definitely be easy to use up.

Essence SOS Nail Savers Nail & Cuticle Balm: Don't really like the consistency and the smell of it, will use it up and try another one!

OPI Tutti Frutti Tonga: This was my first OPI nail polish and I bought it in a nail salon in D.C. after the lady was done with my nails. I didn't know the brand back then, I had never heard of it but I liked the color so much that I bought this one and a backup right away. Now this one is getting a little thick and I think I should use it up.

L' Oréal Glam Shine in 06 Sand Crystal: I have so many lipglosses, so one of them definitely has to be used up! I picked this one because it's a nude color and I am likely to wear it more often than the brighter ones!

So keep your fingers crossed, I might post an entry when my first item is used up and a countdown from then on! Meanwhile I cannot go shopping! Ahhhhh..... :-)

Take care!



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