August 2009 Favorite Products

My favorite products in August were items that I have had for while and that I have been using a lot in the past month. So let's get started!

Smashbox eyeshadow in the shade of Minx

I love this color so much! Even though the consistency is not that great and the color chunks and flakes a little when applied, the actual shade is so pretty that I am willing to forgive the texture. It's a taupe brown with a bronze shimmer. Doesn't that sound exciting? :-)
Benefit Erase Paste

This is the best undereye concealer I have tried so far. I also like the MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer but it gives me too little coverage and I only use it when I barely have any undereye circles. But on my average workday I look like a panda bear! So this concealer is the camouflage of my choice!
Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner in shade Flyin' Down To (Limited Edition)

Love these eyeshadow creams. They apply so smoothly and are so creamy and I love the finish. I have several of them and I use them alone as an eyeshadow as well as as an eyeshadow base. The shade Flyin' Down To is my favorite.

Stila Sun SPF 15 Bronzer in shade 1
This is my midsummer bronzer, for when it gets really hot and I am really tanned! For my pale winter NC25 skin this would be too dark, but for the past months it has been just perfect! I got this because Aubrey a.k.a. Fafinettex3 kept raving about it and I wanted to try it out. I am lighter than her but it still works great for me! So thank you Aubrey for this tip! :-)
The Body Shop Rubber Grip Eyelash Curler
I have been using it every day since I got it and I just simply love it.
L' Oréal Dermo-Expertise Eye Makeup Remover
Nothing compares to my Bebe Young Care 3 in 1 wipes for sensitive and dry skin when it comes to removing makeup - but this little darling here has definitely won my affections! It's great for sensitive eyes and it removes every last bit of waterproof eye makeup without leaving the skin greasy. Two thumbs up for this one!
I hope you liked my August favorites, I always love reading and watching what other people's favorites are!
Take care!


Schminkmädchen on September 10, 2009 at 5:40 PM said...

Über die Erase-Paste hab ich schon so viel Gutes gehört, dass ich sie mittlerweile unbedingt haben muss. Ich habe unter dem rechten Auge eine durchscheinende blaue Ader, die bis jetzt kein Concealer richtig abdecken konnte. Auch sind mir viele Produkte unter dem Auge zu "cakig" und wirken mit Puder darüber wie aufgespachelt.

Wie viel hast du denn bezahlt und wo hast du sie bekommen?

blusherine on September 11, 2009 at 9:07 AM said...

Die Erase Paste ist sehr sehr cremig und trocknet die Augenpartie nicht so aus wie andere gut deckende Concealer. Der Trick ist, habe ich gemerkt, eine dünnstmögliche Schicht mit einem "steifen Spachtelpinsel" aufzutragen! Ich muss allerdings bemerken, dass ich solche Concealer nur im Sommer tragen kann, wenn meine Haut nicht so trocken ist, im Winter "caked" alles an mir! Gekauft habe ich ihn beim Benefit-Counter im Wiener Douglas House of Beauty auf der Kärntnerstraße, den Preis weiß ich leider nicht mehr, aber billig war das kleine Ding sicher nicht. Du kannst aber bei HQHair bestellen:
Da hab ich schon bestellt und es hat bestens geklappt! Oder aber bei Dort kostet er 25 Euro, happig happig!
Liebe Grüße Blusherine

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