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Here is a list of online shops that I have shopped at and that I have had good experience with!

It is meant as an information source and I am aware that other people might not have had good experience with them. In other words: there is always a risk involved when buying online and one person might be lucky and the next person might not be. What I want to say: Ordering at these stores is at your own risk. But I have ordered there and would order again.

Please be aware that you need to check for yourself if the store ships to your country and what the custom laws of your country are.

Make-Up (European based) (European based) (for Germany, Austria and Poland)

Nail Polish and Supply (does not sell China Glaze outside of the U.S. anymore) (European based)

I will update this post as I discover other online shops so check back!

Take care!


Anonymous said...

Well, I have shopped in most of these stores and can recommend them :)

Good idea, btw!

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