Halloween Zombie

Happy belated Halloween!!

I went to a Halloween party yesterday with my boyfriend and we had a blast! My boyfriend went as the Joker and I was a Zombie. With so many great Youtube Halloween tutorials up I wanted to try one out and decided for Kalel a.k.a. QueenBeeuty's Hollywood Quality Zombie:

Kalel's video can be found here:
Halloween Tutorial - HQ Zombie

Her homepage:
*edit: Kalel deleted her Halloween Tutorial on Youtube, unfortunately...

It was as easy as she said it would be and very inexpensive to do! I had a great night out and got lots of compliments. My boyfriend, however, got even more compliments, even though he put half the effort into his Joker face and it took him only 30 minutes to do (my Zombie face took me 1,5 hours) *g*. Well, anyway, here is my boyfriend's look:

And this is both of us:

I hope you had a great Halloween!
And Queenbeeuty: thanks a lot for your great tutorial!

Take care!


Martha on November 1, 2009 at 2:51 PM said...

Ist das eklig! Und total geil!!!

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