January 2010 Favorite Products

Hello everyone!
Here come my few favorite products in the month of January:

Lush's Angel's Delight Soap

I have to say I have never been a fan of Lush but after reading review after review here on blogger I thought, so many people can't be wrong. So I decided to give it a try and during the past couple of months I tried several products. Some made me nauseous just smelling them in the store, others I liked from the beginning. This one I loved right from the start: it's Angel's Delight soap and it's a Christmas limited edition, but in some stores you can still get it. It smells very sweet, like jelly beans and I love how my whole bathroom smells of it. What I don't love is the price. You can quickly spend 8-10 euros for a bar of soap, depending how big it is, and I think that is just too much.

Another Lush product that I absolutely love is:

Lush's Dream Cream
It's a body moisturizer but I use it mainly for my face. It smells very "natural" :-) but mostly of lavender and olive oil. It has a base of oat milk and some of the ingredients are tea tree, chamomille, olive oil and lavender. It's very soothing and great for dry skin (which I have). Since I like this one so much, I went back a couple of times to Lush to find other great creams, but I couldn't find any, unfortunately. But the "Dream Cream" is a definite repurchase.

My next favorite product is one that I like to mix with the "Dream Cream", and it is

MAC's Care Blends Essential Oils:

They came out with the Warm & Cozy Collection and I read somewhere that they are permanent at MAC stores, but I don't think they are in Europe. Anyway, there were two scents: Sweet Orange & Lavender (energizing) and Grapefruit & Chamomille (soothing). I got both of them, and the way I use them: I put on my Lush Dream Cream and then I put a couple of oil drops underneath my eyes and rub them in. Under my eyes is the area where my skin is driest in the winter time and this really helps. I hope MAC will come out with some more of these!

My next favorite product is an eyeshadow:
MAC Eyeshadow Hypnotizing (F)
(Love Lace Collection)

This color was part of the Sorceress palette at Christmas which I didn' get because I didn't like some of the colors in that palette. So I'm glad MAC repromoted it as a single shade. It's a frosted mauve-plum with a touch of brown. Here is a swatch:

Up next:
MAC Nail Lacquer "Light Affair"
(Love Lace Collection)

I don't own a color quite like this, to me this is very unique. It's a pale grey/mauve color with a lilac/pink sheen and I already got a compliment for it by a stranger (I was so excited that she noticed that I told her everything about it :-) (more than she probably wanted to know...)
I love the formula, it's nice and creamy and I have already talked about it here.

Last but not least, a lipstick that I absolutely fell in love with and that I already have blogged about here:
MAC Lipstick Intricate (Frost)
(Love Lace Collection)

It's an icy taupe with multi-colored shimmer.

So I guess Love Lace has been a great collection for me, even though it was aimed at cool toned skins which definitely I am not.

I hope you liked my favorites,
talk to you soon!


Biba on January 31, 2010 at 5:43 PM said...

I have recently discovered your blog and gave you an award here:


tina_mbc on February 2, 2010 at 4:56 PM said...

I only recently got Hypnotising, haven't had the chance to play much with it yet...!
Light Affair looks great on your nails, you 're making me want this too! Lol!


Anita (*swtexcape*) on February 8, 2010 at 1:32 AM said...

i love the looks of the Hypnotizing shadow! i'm sad it's already all sold out at my local MAC :( it looks like a great colour to use <3

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