My new Z Palette

The Z Palette is a customizable palette with a see-through lid: when I saw it, I knew I needed it!

As my collection is expanding I am having trouble fitting everything and it gets pretty annoying reaching for my palettes and not knowing what's inside. So a big "yay" for the clear lid!

To fit more colors, I have tried detaching the inserts of my MAC palettes in the past, but it looked too messy and unorganized. With this palette somehow it looks cute and I don't mind that the eyeshadows don't have an assigned place.

The Z Palette comes in two sizes, small and large (mine is the small one) and there are four designs available: pink, black, zebra and leopard.

What I don't like about it and was a little surprised by is that they are made of cardboard, and not plastic! Which is not very convenient because i have all my makeup in my bathroom and will have to be careful about water splashes. I wish they had made it out of plastic. At least the cardboard is pretty sturdy and will probaply survive a water drop or two.

The colors I put into my palette:

Top row: Riviera Rose (LE), Ego (LE)

Middle Row: Expensive Pink, Leisuretime (LE), Cranberry

Bottom Row: Nivea Blush (don't remember the name), Magnetic Fields (LE)

I have seen the Z Palettes (empty of course:-)) for sale at:

Have a great day!


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Chanel Bikini Peach Glossimer

I won Lilly's prize draw and got a gorgeous Chanel gloss as well as a cute necklace from Accessorize. Lilly also included 2 perfume samples, thank you Lilly! :-)

The gloss is
Chanel's Glossimer in 257 "Bikini Peach"

It's a peach color with gold sparkles and it's really pretty, here is a lip swatch:

It's a little hard to photograph with flash, which I am forced to do since I leave the house at 7 a.m., so the sparkles don't show up that well, but they do in real life :-)

And if you haven't checked out Lilly's blog yet, go and do so, she's a real makeup chameleon, she comes up with all these great ideas and I always wonder what's next:

Lilly, I hope you don't mind my little collage! :-)
Have a great day!
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My Boyfriend and Makeup

Ok, ok, this is not my boyfriend in the picture!

It’s not THAT bad!
But just the general expression in his face, yeah… pretty close!

He once told me, while we were driving in the car, totally out of the blue: „You know, MAC should invent eyeshadows called „Happy Transparent“ and „Just Nothing“…

Do you get the idea?

I was probably wearing bright pink on my eyes or something and he wanted to somehow tell me that he would prefer something a little more subtle…

Ain’t I glad that I didn’t wear purple, because he thinks purple is a porn color…


Once in a while I ask him to adjust something on my blog (he’s a programmer) and he always smiles viciously and says: „Maybe I should hack it!“
But he still always gets me a couple of MAC things for Christmas, to make up for his barbarous, cruel, atrocious words ;-))

So to make us all happy, I have resorted to wearing mostly neutral shades on eyes and lips.

But when he is over at his place and I am all alone in my apartment…


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MAC In The Groove Collection

Today was my lucky day!

I was waiting for my boyfriend after work, he got a haircut and he always gets it near where there's a MAC store. So while I was waiting and scanning the counter, I suddenly realized that a Maccine was getting out the new collection. From then everything went slow motion... you know, like when someone tries to catch a falling vase and with a terrified expression in the face jumps after it...

With a scream of excitement I stumbled over and begged her to give me "Stereo Rose". Like, PLEASE STOP WORKING AND GIVE ME "STEREO ROSE" :o)

There has been so much fuss about it that I was afraid everyone was after it and I wouldn't be able to get one and stand before sold out counters.
So there I was, one happy customer. There was just one other girl in the store and she wasn't even interested in the new collection. Happy like a five-year-old at Christmas I tried out the other things while silently wondering if people will kill for this stuff and at the same time questioning my sanity and whether I should get my brain checked...

Oh, and the collection I am talking about is MAC "In the Groove" :-)

Here come some images and swatches!

I got "Stereo Rose" (top left) and "Petticoat" (top right), I already had "By Candlelight" (bottom) from a previous collection:

Here are swatches of "Stereo Rose", "Petticoat" and "By Candlelight":

I also picked up three lipsticks (being the lipstick junkie that I am ): "All Styled Up", "I like it like that" and "Jazzed". I already had "Creme d' Nude", which is permanent.

Here are swatches of the lipsticks, I included "Creme d' Nude" since it's part of the collection:

Hope the swatches are helpful and wish you a good night *yawn*...
No more nightmares about not getting "Stereo Rose"...



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Essence "So Wanted" Nail Polish

Hello everybody!

I am wearing Essence's "So Wanted" nail polish today, which is from their permanent range of products. I would describe the color as a light cherry red. The only complaint about it is that it's very sheer. I am wearing three coats and my nail tips are still showing through. It's not that bad, and you know, for about 2 Euros, I am really not complaining.

I used:
Base coat: Nail Tek Foundation III
Three coats of Essence "So Wanted"
Top coat: Seche Vite

Take care!
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