Blog Award: 10 Favorite Things

I got this blog award from Martha, thank you Martha!

To accept the award I have to name 10 things that I like:
  1. Rock Climbing
  2. Thailand, especially Railay Beach, because of great rock climbing there :-)
  3. The summer months (because I can wear flip flops)
  4. Old Elton John songs (i.e. Your Song, Rocket Man, Daniel)
  5. Charleston, South Carolina (prettiest city I have ever seen)
  6. College of Charleston (lovliest college ever)
  7. Photography - especially flower macros
  8. Jennifer Aniston, just love how she carries herself through the highs and lows of life, am also sympathetic because I have been dumped before ;-)
  9. South Tyrol, Italy, that’s where I am from
  10. Cuddling with our cat, even though he always escapes when I approach... :-)

Great blogs, which I am awarding this award:

Have a great day!


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MAC Fabulous Felines - Sneak Peek

Hello Ladies!

Since I have a couple of things from the upcoming MAC Fabulous Felines Collection I thought I'd post swatches so you can make up your mind!
There are 3 eyeshadow quads in the collection, and I have 3 colors out of 2 quads: "Skintone 2" and "Showstopper" out of the Burmese Beauty Quad and "Notoriety" out of the Leopard Luxe Quad:

Here come some swatches:
Skintone 2 is a frosty gold
Notoriety is a brown with gold pearl
Showstopper is a matte blackish brown

I also have "Mauvement" pigment, which first came out with the Rushmetal Collection and was repromoted with the Overrich Collection:

Here are swatches in different lighting:

I don't love Mauvement pigment, since it has too much tiny glitter for my taste, I feel like it has more glitter than color, but maybe that's just me! It's a pretty color though, it's a taupe with gold specks.

Last but not least, "Liquid Lurex" lipstick which just came out with the Digi-Pops Collection, I have a small review of this new dazzle formula here and here.

Here are a swatch and a lip swatch:

Hope this was helpful!

Take care!


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"Metro Chic" Dupe

Hello Ladies,

if you live in Austria, Germany or Switzerland, you might be able to get your hands on a dupe of "Metro Chic", the infamous nail polish by "Sephora by OPI".
Manhattan Cosmetics came out with a new limited nail polish edition called "Spice up your Nails". There are six colors in the collection, they don't have names, only numbers, the Metro Chic dupe is number 96P.

"Metro Chic" is pretty hard to get over here and so I got really excited when I spotted the possible dupe. I swatched it today when I got home from work and here is the comparison. The Manhattan polish is a little lighter, but barely, it's a pretty good dupe. The color is a mauve-taupe.

Picture taken in direct sunlight first, and then with flash:

The collection was set to release on August 15, according to, I guess we got it early here in Austria. It should be available for about six weeks (except if it sells out before that, of course). Some dm branches here in Vienna have the display, some don't, I don't know what the deal is with that.

Anyway, in the pictures I used:
1 coat of Nail Tek Foundation III
3 coats of the "Metro Chic" and "96P" respectively
No top coat

"Metro Chic" was not completely opaque after two coats, that's why I applied three.

"96P" is actually better texturewise, it was completely opaque in two coats, but I applied three, to match "Metro Chic".

Take care my dear taupe-lovers :-)

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Urban Decay Olive-Brown Eyes

To complement MAC Liquid Lurex lipstick I thought I'd go olive today with my eyes.

Products used:
(all Urban Decay)

Primer Potion
Scandal (inner lid)
Smog (outer lid)
Shakedown (crease)
Midnight Cowboy (highlight)
Scandal and Shakedown mixed (lower lashline)
MAC Plush Lash mascara
b.pretty transparent eyebrow gel

Have a great day!

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MAC Liquid Lurex

Glitter and flash photography just don't go together!
That's why you won't be able to see the true beauty of this lipstick:

MAC Liquid Lurex
It's one of the new dazzle formulas from MAC.

Since I am forced to take pictures with flash (I leave the house very early in the morning), the colors are always a bit washed out. Also, the glitter never translates to the image.

The glitter is much more obvious in real life but so far I haven't received horror-stricken glares. Not even my male office co-workers seem appalled.
So two thumbs up for "Liquid Lurex"!

MAC describes it as a tarnished gold. The color in the tube looks like a golden green but it sure does come off different on the lips. If I look in the mirror now I would say it's a multicolored gold.
As for durability:
So far I've had 2 cups of coffee, 3 cups of tea and a banana and the lipstick is still completely intact. We'll see if it passes the burger test!

Here is a swatch of Liquid Lurex on MAC NC 30 skin:

Here is Liquid Lurex compared to three other MAC dazzle lipsticks:

Have a great day!

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MAC Digi-Pops Collection

Hello Ladies!

MAC Digi-Pops came out in Austria today and I went and had a look at the new lipstick formula: Dazzle! Or - in other words - glitter overkill! ;-)

13 shades are available, I picked up four:

Troublemaker: a reddish pink
Glaringly Hip: a pale peach
Hellraiser: a bluish lilac (sheer)
Liquid Lurex: a golden yellow-green (sheer)

Here are some swatches:

I have tried them on and I like them all except the peachy one, Glaringly Hip, surprisingly.

Even though I am all over peaches and corals this summer, this shade comes off a bit strange. I look like a bronze statue with a film of orange grain on my lips. I will make it work somehow, I guess.
The sheerer colors Hellraiser and Liquid Lurex are really pretty. If you apply them with a light hand you can see a subtle sparkle on your lips, not too over the top. Troublemaker is pretty, too. It's more pigmented than the latter two, but since it's more or less the color of my lips, the sparkles are not too obnoxious! :-)
So my suggestion if you want a wearable shade:
pick either one of the sheerer shades or one that is close to your lip color, a pink or a red.

I will see what my office co-workers say tomorrow when I walk in the door ;-)

Take care!


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I saw Jule's new shoes on her blog and I fell in love, so ever since I have been on the lookout for a similar pair.

And yesterday I found them!
I had originally wanted to buy new jeans at the mall, but that wasn't meant to be :-)
So I walked into the shoe store next door, saw these and was sold. I quickly grabbed the last pair in my size and held them tight so that no one could take them. Then I made a quick phone call to my boyfriend who was over at the electric shop (of course) because I was a little unsure whether they would be too much.
He was a bit skeptic at first but once I put them on he liked them.

God do I feel sexy in those shoes!!!

I have been an avid heels buyer in my early twenties but reality hit quickly. I remember walking to my university courses in the cutest heels only to come home stumbling and whining and wishing I had been wearing flats. Now I am older and simply refuse to suffer feet and back pains only to look good.

But along came these shoes!

I couldn't even think of an opportunity to wear them in the store but I thought this time I won't buy the shoes for the event, but I will rather create the event for the shoes...


Boyfriend understood dilemma and said we will come up with something.

So I carried my precious new shoes home and have been thinking ever since.

Possible scenario for wearing my new heels:
(which, I should add, almost require me holding onto someone in order not to trip and fall)

Boyfriend drives up to my front door, I take three steps to his car, sit down, and wait to be driven to hot dinner location (yet to be determined).
Boyfriend parks the car and walks around to help me out (will have to drop him a hint, we have been together too long for such special courtship).
Will cling onto his arm and walk into restaurant (let's face it, it's gonna be that, I am too old to go clubbing)
Will drink lots of wine so when we get home he will be forced to carry me up the stairs...

Yep... that might work!

Until that fabulous day I better be practising my walk...

And if anyone is wondering: the brand is Gamloong, I bought them at Humanic shoe store and they cost 49,95 Euros.

Take care!

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