Kate's Wedding Makeup

The Royal Wedding at Buckingham Palace on 29th April 2011
Official Royal Wedding Photograph
Taken in the Throne Room
Picture Credit: Hugo Burnand

So you've all heard that Kate did her own makeup!

Which I think is so cool! I would freak out if I knew a predicted 1-3 billion would be watching me! I am in complete awe, she kept her cool, despite all the pressure and all the expectations that people had. I think she did a great job!

I found an interesting article about her makeup on people.com, if you're interested:

Kate Middleton "Comfortable and Confident" About Doing Own Makeup

by Liz Corcoran

Most brides would jump at the chance to get a professional makeup job on their wedding day – great to be pampered, even better for official photographs. Not Kate Middleton.

The royal-in-training will eschew the services when she marries Prince William Friday morning, opting to do it herself after a series of private lessons with London makeup artist Arabella Preston, wedding planner Mark Niemierko tells PEOPLE.

"I heard that Arabella Preston was called in by a mutual friend of hers and Kate's," he says. "She's had about three or four lessons with Kate at her private flat in Chelsea and has also gone, very privately to Clarence House. Arabella was suppose to be coming on the day as well but now she isn't, because Kate's comfortable and confident in doing it herself."

Niemierko puts this down to Kate's "informal character" and simply wanting to "keep some normality" in her life. But he advises caution: "From my experience brides should look like a glamorous version of themselves on their wedding day. If you have your hair up normally, have your hair up. But, having said that, even if you're going for a natural, no makeup look, you need quite a lot of product – especially for the photos."

It's not the first time Kate has done her own makeup. She was reportedly unhappy with the professional makeup applied for the official engagement shots, taken by Mario Testino, and wiped it off before reapplying it herself.

The practice will also come in handy for the future. Says Niemierko, "The royals obviously do their own makeup for royal engagements. Part of the whole protocol of learning to be royal is learning how to do your own makeup!"

I just found an article about the Royal Wedding Party using Bobbi Brown Cosmetics on the big day, find it here.

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MAC Strange Potion Lipglass

MAC Strange Potion Lipglass came out with the Venomous Villains Collection last year and is being repromoted with the Surf Baby Collection.

I have mine from the previous collection, with the Evil Queen on it. There are plenty of swatches available on the internet, just google it. Here is my swatch, I have MAC NC30 skin, for reference.

I'll make it quick and easy:

Since Temptalia already swatched and talked about it, I will link you to her, she is the best, so I'll link you to the best:


Temptalia now also swatched the Surf Baby edition of the lipglass:

Now back to the lifestream of William & Kate's Wedding!


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MAC Hibiscus Lipstick

More corals? Anyone?


This is MAC Hibiscus Lipstick which just came out with the new Surf Baby Collection.
This is a swatch on medium toned skin (MAC NC30, for reference), I have warm undertones. I know not many swatches are up yet so I will try to give you as much detail as possible. It has a Cremesheen finish and it's very creamy and opaque! It behaves excellently, so to say! :-)

Colorwise it's a bright reddish orange/coral, not for the very timid, probably. It has a nice sheen!

When I first applied it to my lips I thought: This is what I wish "Viva Glam Cindy" was like (which I know so many of you liked, but I just don't like it so much on myself).

Here is a swatch on my inner arm, which is NC25, probably, next to Strange Potion Lipglass, which was repromoted with this collection:

Find swatches of the rest of my MAC Surf Baby haul here!

Hope this helps!

Have a great day!

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MAC Surf Baby Collection


Or what would be the appropriate surfer greeting? ;-)

I went to the preview party for MAC's Surf Baby Collection last night. Apparently my invitation had gotten lost in the mail, so I kind of invited myself. :-)
At the event, one Maccine recognized my voice from when I had called in the morning, with a desperate, high-pitched voice to ask if I could still come. We had a good laugh.

So anyway, here is what I got:

Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in shade Lush-Light Bronze
Eyeshadows Saffron and Short Shorts
Lipstick Hibiscus

I also got the smaller one of the two makeup bags, I really like it:

Here is lipstick Hibiscus up close. It's a bright reddish orange/coral color, very pretty, nice and opaque. It's a Cremesheen finish.

*edit: Here is a swatch on MAC NC30 skin:

Find a full review of MAC Hibiscus lipstick here.

Here is a swatch of Strange Potion lipglass (which I had from a previous collection):

Find out more about Strange Potion here.

Here are the two eyeshadows:

Saffron (left) I would describe as a rusty dark orange, if such thing exists. MAC describes it a deep coral caramel which I have a hard time imagining what that could be :-) It's a Satin finish and it's a repromote from the Mickey Contractor Collection, which unfortunately didn't come out in Austria. Anyway, there are plenty of swatches available already of this shade!

Short Shorts (right) is a frosty white champagne, the stress being on champagne, not on white, it's really pretty. It has a frost finish.

A quick EOTD with MAC Saffron on the lid:

Here is how the powder compact looks like. I had a matching paper bag at home to take a picture! :-)

And here is the Studio Careblend Pressed Powder Lush-Light Bronze up close:

here is a swatch of Lush-Light Bronze (on my inner arm, MAC NC25)

There is a bronzer in the collection which I already had and which I can highly recommend if you have a medium skintone like me, it's called Solar Riche and if I didn't have it yet, I would have bought it!

Finally some swatches, first the eyeshadows:

then the lip products:

I will update this post if I do more swatches, you will find them all here.

On a different note:
I saw Austria's Next Topmodel, Lydia, this morning on the underground when I was going (running) to work. That just upgrades riding the underground so much! Apparently Jude Law is in town, he wouldn't be riding the underground though, would he! :o)

Any questions or comments (about the collection, not about Jude Law :-)), feel free to ask!

Have a great day!

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MAC Coral Lipstick Comparison

With all the coral lipsticks MAC has brought out lately, it's getting kind of hard to figure out what you already have and what you still might want/need/lust after...

So I swatched my MAC coral lipsticks to figure it out myself.

(click pictures to enlarge)

There are no dupes, but, as you can see, Ever Hip, Cut a Caper and Jazzed are all very similar, I guess I'd say you only need one of those! :-)

Costa Chic is a a Frost and is permanent
Ever Hip is a Cremesheen (Give me Liberty of London Collection)
Cut a Caper is a a Lustre (Tartan Tale Collection)
Jazzed is a Cremesheen (In the Groove Collection)
Vegas Volt is an Amplified Creme and is permanent
Fresh Salmon is a Lustre (Spring Colour Forecast Collection)

Hope this helps in your lipstick finding process....


All the best,

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MAC Ever Hip Lipstick

MAC Ever Hip Lipstick came out with the Give Me Liberty of London Collection and will be repromoted with the Fashion Flower Collection later this year.

It's a lipstick I definitely recommend getting if you love corals!

It has a Cremesheen finish, but honestly, it doesn't come off as a typical Cremesheen, it is much sheerer, more like a Lustre. Which I don't mind, because I love Lustres, but it's something to keep in mind if you consider purchasing it!

I did a swatch comparison of my coral MAC lipsticks, if you're interested, you can find it here.

Take care!


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Bench Coral Dress - times three

How do you cut a dress into a square picture?

It becomes a skirt!

My layout demands a square picture as the first picture and sometimes it's hard to adjust your photos to that! :-)

Anyway, I got a new dress, it's by Bench and the style is called "New Madrid".

I love it, it has a zipper in the front and I hope it won't ever break, otherwise I will be standing there very uncomfortably...

I saw the coral color in the store, grabbed the dress, tried it and bought it.

Now if you know me, you'll know that:

1) If I like something and it comes in different colors, I will get it in different colors!

2) If I like something and it doesn't come in different colors, I will get two of the same color! (Sometimes three... bad bad Blusherine...)

Everyone always laughs at me, even the salespeople often stare at me confused: "'What, another one of the same color?"

What can I say, I am a serious backups buyer...

I tell myself, that if for some unimaginable reason I lost my dress, or if someone stole it (yes yes, I know...) at least I would have a backup dress...

To cut a long story short:
I have this dress in coral, in lavender and in green...
(my boyfriend pulled me out of the store after the third dress, I was staring at the blue and the black one too...)

Don't read too many of my posts, or you will get as insane as me....


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Manhattan "Naughty Nails" Collection

Hi ladies (and gents) :-)

I just came home from downtown and I found the new Manhattan Nail Polish Collection called Naughty Nails on display at Drogeriemarkt.

Five pretty pastel colors, following the season's trend.

I'm kind of busy packing for my trip home tomorrow, so I just took a quick picture and I'll leave you with the swatches. I will respond to your comments on this and on other posts later, because I really have to hurry up! :-)

As always with Manhattan polishes, the shades don't have names, but numbers, a little awkward, but at least the five colors are distinctively different. I really love the peach and the mauve color, but I'm all about peaches and mauves anyway!

I used a base coat (Seche Clear), two coats of Manhattan polish and one top coat (Seche Vite).

Take care!


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My "no makeup makeup look"

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I wore a really bright red lip and I needed an eye look that was barely there. So I'll call this my "no makeup makeup look"! :-)

I used all MAC eyeshadows, all permanent.

With the 217 brush I swiped Brulé over my entire eyelid space. Brulé matches my skintone completely, so I used it as a base to even out my skintone and to help the following shadows blend more easily. I used Benefit F.Y.Eye Primer underneath.
Then, with the 239 brush, I applied Grain to my lid, to give it a little sparkle.
I took the 217 brush again and applied Haux in the crease and after that, with the 226 brush, I deepened the crease with Blackberry. I used Phloof as highlight (with the 227 brush) and as inner corner highlight (with the 219 brush).
A coat of Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara on upper and lower lashes, b.pretty transparent brow gel on my eyebrows and off we go.

Here is how I placed the shades:

The slight hints of plum went perfectly with the bright red on my lips!

Hope you liked it and have a great weekend everyone!


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Benefit Pinking of You Lipstick

Benefit Pinking of You is a pretty corally pink shade that's available in the permanent full-finish lipstick range.

On me it pulls more coral than pink, which I like, I am all about corals in the springtime.

The lipstick itself has a nice texture, it's pigmented and doesn't dry out my lips.

Don't know what else to say, I am a huge Benefit fan, that's what I'll say! :-)


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Essence "Better Than Gel Nails"

So a couple of weeks ago Essence released the nail kit "Better than Gel Nails". I got it then, but never had the time to test it.

I don't think you can get the kit anymore, but the single items are all available separately in the permanent range of products.

Basically, the kit promises gel-like nails in 5 easy steps:

1. You clean your nails with a file
2. You pick out the right size of white plastic tip
3. You glue on the plastic tips
4. You put on a base sealer
5. You put on 2 coats of top sealer

That's it, it's very simple!

A tutorial (in German) can be found here:

I found the kit very easy to use and will pick up some tips for my sister and my mom, so we can all have an Easter manicure! :-)

The only downside, so to say, is that you already have to have decently long nails, otherwise the tips will look silly. They need to adhere to your nail tips with their full surface, you can't elongate your nails with them, so to say. So I guess if your nails are very very short and you want a nice manicure for a special event, you better stick fake nails on.

I put the tips on two days ago and so far they have not shown any signs of fatigue! :-)

I can definitely recommend this set!

Have a great day!

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MAC Unflappable Eyeshadow

Hi everybody!
Long time no see! :-) I have been really busy trying to catch every ray of sunshine lately! ;-)

Instead of buying makeup, I really mostly have been buying clothes this month! So many pretty things for spring and summer in stores, and you have to be quick before they sell out your sizes.

I also haven't been wearing much makeup lately, but I was fully inspired this morning! I got up 15 minutes earlier, so that I could take a couple of pictures! :o) I used MAC Unflappable Eyeshadow, one of my favorite things MAC has released this year. I must say I haven't been much impressed with what MAC came up with so far this year, I really liked "Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot", "Mighty Aphrodite Blush" and the Peacocky Collection Eyeshadows, I hope more of the sort will be coming our way.

Aaanyway, products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Eyeshadows:
Unflappable (LE) (all over lid)
Mating Call (LE), Beautiful Iris and Naked Lunch (to blend out crease)
(I know that's a lot of eyeshadows to blend out the crease :o))
Brulé (as hightlight)
Violet Underground Kohl Pencil on lower lashline
MAC Plush Lash Mascara
b.pretty transparent brow gel


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