Glowing Sunset with MAC Mythology

Hi everybody,
I think I found a solution for making my first picture a square one so that it matches my front page layout, I just add a white stripe above and below and so a rectangular photo becomes a square one! :-)

I wanted to apologize if I don't comment on your blogs as much as I would want, I wish I had more time to read and comment, but unfortunately I don't. I try to at least comment on people's blogs who comment on mine, to make it up, because I am really happy when you guys leave me comments!

Maybe one day, when I am retired, I will still be posting (wrinkly) eye makeup pictures. Then I will be all over your blogs! :-))

So anyway, I felt like a glowy, coppery eye makeup today and here it is.

Products used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye Primer
MAC eyshadows (all permanent):
Pigment Melon (all over lid and on lower lashline)
Satin Taupe (to darken up outer lid)
Mythology (in the crease)
Ricepaper (highlight and inner croner highlight)
MAC Plush Lash Mascara
b.pretty transparent eyebrow gel

Here is how I placed the shades:

The key was blending the colors well, especially the Satin Taupe. You could leave it out and just use Melon Pigment, Mythology and Ricepaper, it will come out much brighter like that!

Have a great day!

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MAC Cut a Caper Lipstick

Another day, another coral...

This is Cut a Caper by MAC, a limited edition lipstick that came out with last year's Christmas Collection "A Tartan Tale".

I love the color, it's gorgeous, the only little problem that I have is that it seems to emphasize any little flakes that I have on my lips! I notice it every time I use it, I put it on, then I notice the flakes. I tried to be really flakeless for the picture though... :-)

Cut a Caper is a peachy corally shade and finishwise a Lustre. Being quite glossy, it leaves a nice shine on your lips.

*edit: find a MAC coral lipstick comparison here!

Have a great day!

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Heidi Klum`s new Fashion and Beauty Blog

Heidi Klum has joined the blogosphere and set up a page where she features fashion and beauty related themes, like outfits of the day, makeup how-to's, etc.

You can find it here:

She also features videos on topics like warm-weather makeup, for instance:

The page is still under construction but you can expect topics like parenting, relationships, lifestyle, fitness & nutrition soon!

Have a look, if you're interested!

All the best

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MAC 26 Count Palette Form

Have you all seen TiffanyD's video on how she arranged her MAC colors in her main MAC palette? She took out the divider and thus transformed a 15 color palette into a 26 color palette.

If you have arranged your palettes the same way, to save space and keep everything more organized, (like I did as well)...

... then you can use my 26 color form.

Simply click on the picture below to enlarge it, then print it out, write the names of your shades in it and stick it to the inner side of your palette.

I also have a pdf where you could type the colors in, but blogger won't let me upload pdfs... :-(

So if you want the form as a pdf with the text fields, simply write me an e-mail and I will send it to you!

Have a great day everyone!


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My Cute-sters

Buh-bye Cute-ster number 1....


I bought you at Bangkok Siam Discovery Center in Thailand...

I was eating dinner and saw two girls walk by with that famous MAC Hello Kitty bag...

Wanted to hunt them down so badly...

I made my boyfriend swallow his steak and came looking for you...

I knew the MAC store had to be there somewhere...

So buh-buy Cute-ster number 1, you were a fine companion and I will not Back to MAC you. :o)

I will keep you, depot the rest of you and put "Hug Me" into your bullet.

Couldn't give you away, too many memories of a great evening in Bangkok...


P.S.: Aside the drama...
find out more about my beloved Cute-ster here:

My ode to Cute-ster will continue when I finish the second tube... :o)


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MAC Solar Bits "Impassioned"

A quick and blurry "Eye of the Day"...

Not only does MAC have a lipstick called "Impassioned", they also released a pigment with that name with the Style Warriors Collection. It was called "Solar Bits" and one of the shades was "Impassioned". Most people hated these Solar Bits, they found them too chunky and messy...

I pressed mine, so it's easier to work with. Even when I used it as a loose powder I didn't find it that hard to work with, must be because I love the color so much and I would use it no matter what consistency.

Enough blahblah...

Shades used (all MAC):

Solar Bits "Impassioned" - (lid)
Showstopper (LE) - (outer lid)
Soft Brown - (crease)
Blanc Type - (highlight)

Here is how I placed them:

Oh and thanks TiffanyD for that tip with Soft Brown in the crease, it makes all the difference!!


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MAC Impassioned and Nice Kitty

A bright pink t-shirt calls for a bright pink lipstick!

This is MAC Impassioned Lipstick, topped with Nice Kitty Lipglass (LE).

To make the Amplified Creme finish of Impassioned a little less opaque and more wearable, I sheered it out with a sheer pink lipglass. The glossy texture distracts from the opaque color that is Impassioned and makes it a little more sparkly and fun!

I tend to always put a gloss onto a bright opaque red/pink/coral color, I don't know, I feel more comfortable wearing thoses shades that way.

Impassioned is a permanent item in the MAC range and it is described as an "amped-up fuchsia", Nice Kitty was released with the Hello Kitty Collection and is a bright sheer neon pink.

Have a great (fun pink) day!


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One Lovely Blog Award: 7 Things about Me

Yvonne gave me this blog award, thank you Yvonne!
The rules are that I have to tell you 7 things about myself, here we go:

  1. I need two large cups of coffee with milk in the morning before I can face the world, I really do :o)
  2. I love to watch the morning show on Puls4. I watch it from 6 a.m. until 6.30 a.m. with my two cups of coffee, then I get up and get dressed.
  3. My favorite summer colors are bright corals and pinks.
  4. My favorite store to shop is H&M.
  5. My favorite perfumes are Anna Sui perfumes.
  6. My favorite song of all time is “Your Song” by Elton John. It’s from 1970 and I wasn't even born yet. It’s not played on the readio anymore, really. But whenever it is, unexpectedly, the world halts for a while…
  7. My favorite seasons are spring and summer.

I am handing this award on to 3 blogs that I love, they are all German blogs:

Take care!

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Blue Bata Bling

Hi Ladies!

Are you familiar with the shoe brand Bata?

It's a Czech shoe brand and we have a store in my hometown in Italy. When I was at home for my Easter holiday I got this pair of wedges. I always go to the Bata store when I am at home, it's a must! :-)

The shoes are really comfortable, they have the straps in the right places and give enough support so that you can walk confidently for an entire day without any pain! :-) Which is always good!

I almost regret that I didn't get it in more colors, because, you know, a comfortable, high shoe is hard to find!

I might give my mom an emergency call...


Have a great day!


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Pippa Middleton and the Royal Wedding Party Used Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Getty Images; courtesy of Bobbi Brown

by Marianne Mychaskiw
It’s official: members of Kate Middleton’s bridal party used Bobbi Brown products! “We are proud to confirm that Bobbi Brown Cosmetics makeup artist Hannah Martin provided makeup artistry assistance to members of the bridal party for the Royal Wedding,” the brand confirmed in a statement released on Facebook this weekend. “We wish to respect the privacy of all those involved, and therefore will not be releasing further details.” We knew Middleton was a fan of the brand, as it was reported that she went shopping for the cosmetics and was taking makeup lessons from Arabella Preston prior to her big day. No word yet on whether Middleton herself used the products for her wedding, but if you’re eager to try something similar, Bobbi Brown released a face chart, above left, giving step-by-step instructions on how you can create a Royal Wedding-inspired look.

Here is the Royal Wedding-inspired look that Bobbi Brown posted on her facebook page:

(click to enlarge)
"Catherine looked absolutely stunning. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about her makeup. She looked beautiful, fresh and most importantly, happy." xo Bobbi

Every woman should feel like royalty on her big day. Here's how to create a royal-worthy wedding look courtesy of Bobbi:

1. Start with clean, fresh skin. Even out skin tone with Corrector, Concealer and Foundation.
To view the products, click here:

2. Sweep Ivory Eye Shadow all over the lid.
To view the product, click here:

3. Apply Rockstar Metallic Eye Shadow on the lower lid.
To view the product, click here:

4. Blend Slate Eye Shadow into the crease.
To view the product, click here:

5. Line upper and lower lash lines with Black Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, making sure that the top line is thicker than the bottom.
To view the product, click here:

6. Brush on two coats of Black No Smudge Mascara.
To view the product, click here:

7. Smile and sweep Pale Pink Blush on the apples of the cheeks.
To view the product, click here:

8. Dust Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick high on the cheekbones.
To view the product, click here:

9. Apply Sandwash Pink Lip Color on lips, followed by Crystal Gloss.
To view the shade, click here:

On I found Bobbi Brown's face charts for the Maid of Honor and for the Mother of the Bride:

The Maid of Honor:

The Mother of the Bride:


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300 Readers Giveaway




To celebrate 300 readers and because you all seemed to like the Manhattan Nail Polish Collection "Naughty Nails" so much, I decided to go on the hunt for a second set so I could do a giveaway! The polishes are brand new and one lucky winner will receive the set.

Thank you everyone for your loyal support, it has been fun to read your comments and talk to you for the past two years.

The contest is open to all my readers, national and international.

The rules are simple:
  1. You have to be a visible follower of my blog (new readers are welcome).
  2. Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite color of the collection is, leave your e-mail so I can contact you. One entry per person.
  3. If you blog about my giveaway and post my giveaway-picture, you will earn another entry, please include the link where you blogged about it in your comment. You may use any of the two pictures.
  4. The contest is open until May 15, midnight, Austrian time (which is GMT+1).
  5. If you are below the age of 18, you need permission from your parents.

The winner will be picked randomly!

Good luck everyone!


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