Look by Bipa Nail Polish "Frog"

Hi Ladies!

I'm in a green phase lately, green dresses, green eye makeups, green nails!

Today I'm wearing a Look by Bipa Nail Polish in the shade "Frog". Bipa is a drugstore chain here in Austria, they have their own makeup range, which this polish is part of.

When I think of a frog, however, I think of Kermit, and Kermit is clearly more yellow-based! :o) This is frog here is more of a deep forest green frog, I would say. ;-)

Look by Bipa polishes are really affordable, they only cost 1,99 Euros, which is great! The consistency of this one left nothing to be desired, it was almost opaque in one coat!

I have long stopped ordering nail polishes from abroad, why spend money on shipping etc. when drugstores carry such a wide range of great polishes!

Anyway, I used:

Base Coat: Microcell 2000 Nail Repair
Two coats of Look by Bipa "Frog" Nail Polish
Top Coat: Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer (which is my new favorite top coat!!)

So long everybody!


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Naked Drama...

Hello Lovelies!

I had construction done in my apartment a couple of days ago, because water had come through the ceiling of my apartment (lots of water) and the damage needed to be fixed. I live in an old Viennese townhouse and these things happen, it's annoying but, you know, it's an old house. The damage itself wasn't too big of a deal, the workers could fix it within a couple of days. But they had to install beams to support my ceiling, because it was at risk to collapse.

I had plenty of time while they were rebuilding my ceiling, and so, after getting all the housework done, I started to play around with makeup.

The look turned out pretty dramatic from what I'm used to wearing, I felt a little shy looking at people... :-)

products used:
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Sidecar (crease and lower lashline - careful with that glitter in the crease...)
Naked (to blend out Sidecar)
Gunmetal (outer v and outer lower lashline)
Virgin (highlight)
Benefit Towne Car Creaseless Cream (to line eyes)
MAC Pearlglide Liner in Black Line (on waterline)
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

Have a great weekend everyone!


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MAC The Faerie Glen Lipstick

The Fairie Glen is a lipstick that MAC released with the Tartan Tale Collection, which was the Christmas Collection in 2010.

It's a great nude color if you have medium toned skin like me (NC25/NC30), because it doesn't make you look dead. Being a Lustre, it doesn't cover up your lips completely, but instead lets your natural pigmentation shine through. Because of that the end result on my lips is more pink than beige, which makes it easier to wear than a full-on opaque beige.

For a Lustre though, I must say, it's really creamy! If it didn't say Lustre on my cap, I probably would have been inclined to believe that it's a lightly covering Cremesheen!

Anyway, great lipstick, me likes! :-)


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Dandizette and Modelette

Me wearing blue eyeshadow, that happens about twice a year...

With blue eyeshadow I tend to look as if someone had beaten me up - not pretty! Cool colors just don't look good on me. But once in a while I'm up for the challenge and as time goes by I always think that my skills must have improved and that I might be able to pull it off.

Well well, you can't defy your skintone...

So I won't keep you long!

Products used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye primer
MAC eyeshadows:
Dandizette (LE) on the lid
Modelette (LE) in the crease
Blu-Noir (LE) for the outer v
Prance (LE) for inner corner highlight
Darker Color from Nars Kalahari Duo on lower lashline
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
b.pretty transparent browgel

Have a great day!


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MAC Naked Paris Lipstick

My little series about Paris is coming to an end with this swatch of MAC Naked Paris Lipstick.

Why do I suspect that the lipstick wasn't named after the French capital, but after a certain Ms. Hilton and her x-rated, homemade video? :o))

Anyway, last year, there was a rumor that this lipstick would be discontinued, but it is still available for purchase on the MAC website.

Naked Paris is a lovely color, being a Lustre it doesn't deposit too much of its rosy brown color, but it does give your lips a great sheen, due to the multidimensional pearl!

Have a great day everyone!


*edit: find comparison swatches here.

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