Battle of the Nail Polishes: MAC vs. Essence

Hi ladies,

I painted my nails with different nail polishes today!

On the left:
MAC Nail Lacquer "Get Noticed", topped with MAC "Unconditionally Fabulous", both from this year's Christmas collection

On the right:
Essence Nail Polish "So Glamorous", topped with Essence "Space Queen"

Now the difference is...

...the price, yes!

MAC Nail Lacquers cost 12,50 euros (10ml),
Essence Nail polishes cost 1,25 euros (5ml).

Colorwise they differ a bit in that the red Essence nail polish is a bit deeper and leans more toward maroon. The Essence sparkly polish has smaller glitter particles. In the picture, the flash hit one nail a bit differently than the other. In real life I can't see much of a difference between the two polish combinations!

Essence combination:

MAC combination:

To make the swatches I used:

Base coat: Essence Nail Art Protecting Base Coat
Then, on each nail:
2 coats of red polish
2 coats of sparkly transparent polish
No top coat

These nails definitely get me into Christmas mood!

Take care!


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What I bought at the Beauty Flea Market...

Hi girls (and guys)! :-)

This is what I bought at the Vienna Beauty Flea Market on Sunday. We all didn't just sell things, we were treasure hunters as well:

MAC Royal Assets Cool Eyes Palette
(Antiquitease Collection)
It contains eyeshadows:
Shadowy Lady, Silverwear, Modern Heir, Queen's Jewel, Medallion, Trophy Pink
Eye Brush: 213SE

MAC Nail Lacquer Seasonal Peach
(Sugarsweet Collection)
Essie Nail Polish Tart Deco

MAC Nail Lacquer Illegal Purple
(Cult of Cherry Collection)

MAC Brushes 217 (back) and 252 (front)
(Adoring Carmine Collection)

MAC eyeshadows:
Snappy (left) - Femme Noir Collection
Memorabilia (right) - Pret-a-Papier Collection

Mini-version of Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Oh, and a Lush soap, "Honey I washed the kids", but that's already in use in my bathroom! :-)

Hope you all got great things to try out too!

Take care!

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Vienna Beauty Flea Market: Impressions and Confessions...

So now it's history, the first Vienna Beauty Flea Market, that took place last Sunday!

We were overwhelmed and more than surprised to see that so many people came to to buy our stuff. It really wasn't a flea market, it was an invasion! Just like when MAC launched the Style Black Collection, you MAC-lovers know what I'm talking about :-) It was just like that. Our tables were raided!

Not only us bloggers who sold things were there, other blogging friends stopped by to visit us, like Michi, Mel and Chamy, Michi even baked Muffins for us, which was so sweet!

It was definitely a memorable day, it goes down in the book!

As for the guests, we had all different kinds of visitors: people who stopped by because they had seen the signs outside, people who dropped in after mass (the flea market was held in a parish hall), people who had come because they had seen the Facebook page or read our blogs, all sorts of very lovely people. One girl had even taken an early train from Lower Austria to be there, her hair still tousled because she had gone to a prom the night before...

And the funniest thing:
At some point a girl from MAC was standing there in front of me, and - roles reversed - I was selling HER stuff, MAC stuff. That was hilarious!

And there was this little girl, she was very young, must have still gone to school, she was looking at everything really carefully and then picked out a little palette. She left and came back after an hour and bought another palette, left again, came back again. I only realized after the third time that it was still her who came back and bought these little palettes. That really touched my heart. It reminded me of when I was young, it wasn't about makeup then, but it sure was little money and careful spending. I wanted her to come back, I would have given her something she liked, but she didn't return after the third time...

So there I was, with a humongous amount of makeup for sale. One girl, who had seen the sign outside and come in, asked me indcredulously, how come I had so much makeup. She couldn't quite grasp the idea of amassing so much makeup and asked if it was a hobby of mine. She asked twice! She didn't, or couldn't understand my answer the first time around! :-)

I guess yes, it is a hobby. I mean, when I saw all my things displayed there on the table, I asked myself how come I had so much stuff. But makeup is something I love, have always loved. It's instant transformation and instant change, and so easy to get off. It's something that gets me through the day, it's what I start my day with in the morning, and the last thing I take off before going to bed. It makes me feel better on a bad day.

So you're asking: (and my boyfriend is asking too) ;-)
Have I learned anything from the experience?
Will I still be going to MAC each month to check out their new collections even though I have so much stuff at home? Uhhhhhm... yes I will! :-)
Will I still be going to the drugstore and buy Essence and Catrice when they come out with new things? Sure, why not!

Makeup is changing all the time, new things come out all the time, and they do have an impact on a little part of my life. There was a time, when mineral foundation was not readily available in Europe, and where would I be without my beloved MAC Mineralize Satinfinish foundation today? There was a time when we had no eye primers and walking around with creasing eyeshadow was just a way of life. And there was a time when powders were so drying that I couldn't use one at all.

So yes, I guess I will still buy makeup, I will try out new things and purchase stuff I know I will probably like! And hopefully pass some of it on to you if it didn't work for me.
Maybe next year, at the Second Annual Vienna Beauty Flea Market?


But there is one thing I have learned for sure:




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MAC Warm Snowglobe Eye Palette

Hi there!

As promised, the look with the MAC Warm Snowglobe Palette that just came out with the Glitter and Ice Collection.

I tried to use all the colors and nothing else!

Here is what the palette looks like:

The colors are pretty basic and neutral, the look turned out neutral as well.

You could definitely make it more intense by using a golden or brown base.

Here is how I used the colors:

And here is how I placed them on the lid:

Have a great day!


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1st Beauty Flea Market in Vienna

Hi there everybody!

I have exciting news if you live in Vienna:

Three beauty bloggers are organizing a Beauty Flea Market next Sunday, November 13!

They are:
Mirela from Coral and Mauve
Claudia from Claudia loves... Fashion
Jen from Goldmarie

Here is the flyer:
I will be there with Lilly from Lillith's Dark Tower and we'll be selling our stuff as well! :-)

The location is:
Martin-Luther-Kirche (kleiner Pfarrsaal)
Martinstraße 25
in the 18th district

How to get there:
Hop onto the brown subway line, U6 and get off at station "Michelbeuern - AKH"

Here is the Facebook link for the event:
Vienna Beauty Flea Market

The following Viennese bloggers will be selling their stuff as well:
Anonymous Beautyholic
Good Lack, Nail!
Miss Leichenblässe

Claudia loves…fashion and swarina will sell snacks and coffee!

I just made a list of stuff that will be for sale, it's looooooooong! :-)
We'll be selling eyeshadows, brushes, perfumes, nail polishes, just about anything you could think of!

So be there, or be square! :-)


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MAC Glitter & Ice Collection

I love special edition packaging, I just love it. If it was up to me, every MAC collection could have special packaging. Especially with lipsticks I find it very helpful, because I instantly know what packaging is what shade. When I have to read the labels of my black packaged MAC lipsticks at 6 o'clock in the morning to find a specific shade, that's when I often start swearing in silence...

Okay, getting back on track :-)

I went the the preview party for the MAC Glitter & Ice Collection on Wednesday and it was great fun because lots of Viennese bloggers were there and I got to talk to some of them.

To name all that I could recognize and talk to:
Lilly, Nyota, Trey, Chinda, Kirschblüte, Guinevere and Michi.
Am I missing anyone? Please shout! :-)

It was so crowded I could barely make it to the testers, but I finally managed, with Michi. They didn't have the eyeshadow palettes that I wanted but I got to swatch what interested me most eventually.

I went to Douglas the next day to get the palettes, because they had them there.

So here is my haul:

MAC Snowglobe Warm Eyeshadow Palette

*edit: here is a look with the palette:
Find out how I placed the shades in this post!

MAC Snowglobe Sultry Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Beauty Powder in shade How Beautful

MAC Lipstick Soft Sable
MAC Dazzleglass Pleasure Principle
MAC Nail Lacquer Unconditionally Fabulous

I already tried out the warm palette, look is coming soon!

Next thing I am looking forward to?

The Beauty Flea Market that is coming up next Sunday in Vienna! Post about that is also coming!
Hope to see you all there, my Viennese beauty blogging friends!



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