A Little Christmas Story...

Dear readers,

Mr. Santa...

Mr. Rudolph...

Mr. Snowman...

... and Blusherine

wish you...

Merry Christmas!!!

Have a great holiday and I'll see you in 2013!!!

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Smoky Eyes for Christmas Eve

Hello my Lovelies,

Christmas is just around the corner and I can't wait to go home and see my family!

Before I go I wanted to post a Christmas inpired eye makeup, it's all sparkles and glitter, which the flash washed out, but just imagine tons of tiny sparkles on the brown part of my lid! :-)   

Products used:

 Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC products:
Paint Pot "Idyllic" (lid)
Pressed Pigment "Deeply Dashing" (lid)
e/s "Soft Brown" (crease)
e/s "Black Tied" (outer v)
Pigment "Vanilla" (highlight)
Pigment "Jardin Aires" (inner corner highlight)
e/s "Carbonized" (lower lashline)
e/s "Mystery" (eye brows)
Catrice single "lashes to impress"
MAC Plush Lash Mascara
b.pretty transparent eye brow gel

Where will you be for Christmas? Home with your family or spending it with friends?
Will you be dressing up? I am still thinking about what to wear...


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My Week in Pictures

Blusherine has finally reached the 21st century and is the proud owner of a smartphone now!! :-)

It was basically a christmas present that I gave to myself! :-)
Needless to say, I started taking photos right away!

So here comes my week in pictures, hope to make more of these in the future:

On Thursday, I went to Raimund Theater to watch the musical Elisabeth.
It's about the life and death of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, commonly known as "Sissi". I have seen the show several times when it ran in 2003 and I am glad to report they didn't change much, they made it a little more modern, a little less nostalgic, which I would have preferred they didn't, but it was still a great show to watch!

Of course I went Christmas shopping, I got the last things that I needed, now I have everything.
Amid the shopping craze, the Benetton window on Mariahilferstraße really caught my eye. See for yourself, it definitely wins best Christmas shop window, don't you think?

Here is how I wrapped the gift for my brother, I put a little robot Christmas tree ornament on top of his present :-)

My crackle nails of the week: 

Inglot 964, topped with Essence 06 Crackle Me! Pearly Pink

I found these Christmas tree ornaments at a nursery in Lower Austria, aren't they cute? Since I won't buy a Christmas tree I just put them onto a golden - star shaped - plate:

I also put Mr. Santa up, he is a cookie jar that I bought at Butlers last year:

I finished reading "Winterkartoffelknödel" by Rita Falk, which my friend Renate gave me for my birthday.

English and American readers: try to pronounce "Winterkartoffelknödel"!! ;-)
 Last but not least, since I wanted to play around with Instagram, I went for a walk at my boyfriend's place in Lower Austria. Officially, I went jogging! :-D

How was your week?
Did you get all your Christmas shopping done? 



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MAC Oscars 2012

2012 is slowly coming to an end and - like every year - I am awarding my favorite MAC items an Oscar! :-)

I don't have favorites in every category this year because I bought a lot less makeup in 2012. After selling many things MAC at the first two Vienna Beauty Flea Markets, I really cut back on my purchases.

But enough of the talk, here we go, here are my

MAC Oscars 2012
Best new product 2012:
(Casual Colour Collection)

  • Best Lipstick: Cusp of Dawn (Heavenly Creature Collection)
  • Best Eyeshadow: Pressed Pigment Deeply Dashing (Face & Body Collection)
  • Best Mineralize Eyeshadow: Universal Appeal (Heavenly Creature Collection)
  • Best Quad: Call Me Bubbles (Shop, Cook Collection)
  • Best Palette: Desert Camouflage Face Kit (Carine Roitfeld Collection)
  • Best Blush: Small Vanity (Glamour Daze Collection)
  • Best Highlighter: Extra Dimension Skinfinish Superb (In Extra Dimension Collection)
  • Best Bronzer: Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder Sun Dipped (Hey Sailor Collection)
  • Best Nail Lacquer: Russian Red (Nail and Tips Fashion Sets Collection)

Favorite Collections 2012
Glamour Daze
Heavenly Creatures 

Honorable Mention 2012 (product that I really liked as well)
Extra Dimension Eyeshadows (In Extra Dimension Collection)

Most Disappointing 2012
Moth Brown 2012 is not like Moth Brown 2007...

Not new 2012 but most used:
Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Blossom Culture (permanent)

What did you like in 2012? Which products would you award an Oscar? Let me know in the comments!

If you are you curious about my past MAC Oscars, check them out here:

Much love,

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Summer Haze in December

Hi Ladies!

A quick "Eye of the Day" before I'm back to work:

I used three MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows and one Catrice shadow, so here we go, products used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows:
Summer Haze (lid)
Universal Appeal (crease and lower lashline)
Aurora (brown part on brow bone, pink part as highlight)
Catrice The Rocks (outer corner)
MAC Plush Lash Mascara
b.pretty transparent eyebrow gel

As to where the shadows are from:

MAC Summer Haze: Naturally Collection
MAC Universal Appeal and MAC Aurora: Heavenly Creatures Collection
Catrice The Rocks: Sydney Palette

 Have a great weekend everyone!


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MAC Cusp of Dawn Lipstick

MAC Cusp of Dawn was released with the Heavenly Creatures Collection this summer and is the lipstick I reached for most for in 2012. There's nothing particularly unique about it, but it's nice and neutral and easy to wear - a great lipstick for every day and every makeup.

I would describe Cusp of Dawn a wearable nude with a little bit of soft warm shimmer, it's a Lustre though, not a Frost. Due to the tiny sparkles the lipstick doesn't appear flat or pasty, like many nudes do. It pales down my lips without erasing my natural lip color completely. I always apply a couple of coats, since the lipstick is very sheer.

If you can't already tell, I'm starting to swatch my favorite MAC items of 2012, so I have something to talk about in my upcoming MAC Oscars 2012 post! :-)

Stay tuned :-)


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3rd Vienna Beauty Flea Market

Dont' forget:

The 3rd Vienna Beauty Flea Market will take place this Saturday, December 8.

 Mirela, Caroline, Claudia and Jen are organizing it and I know already it will be great fun!

This time I won't be able to sell anything because... I don't have anything to sell :-) (a pat on the shoulder for Blusherine please... :-))
But I will be there to see if I can hunt down some MAC LE stuff!

The location will be the Dschungel-Deli at Museumsquartier (Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien). Starting at 6 p.m. visitors can expect shopping as well as workshops.

The event online:

And here is how to get there:
Take the underground U2 until Museumsquartier, take exit "Museumsquartier", then walk uphill on Mariahilferstraße and enter the Museumsquartier right on your right.

See you there!



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MAC "Russian Red" Nail Lacquer

MAC Russian Red is - hands down - my favorite nail polish that MAC released in 2012. It's not that special colorwise, it doesn't do funky things in different lighting, it's even extremely dupable, but still, I love it against my skintone and it's nearly opaque in one coat - I used two here, though.

Russian Red came out with the Lips & Tips Fashion Sets Collection in May, I was really hoping MAC would make it permanent with the Nail Lacquer Collection but they didn't. I'm sure it will pop up in some colorstory sooner or later!

The only downside: it chips pretty easily, I think I should note that. But nevertheless, it's a beautiful classic red cream that applies evenly and opaquely. I have been wearing it on my toes almost all summer!

For the swatches here I used:
1 coat of Essence Nail Art Protecting Base Coat
2 coats of MAC Russian Red
 1 coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat


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How I Store My Makeup

I know you want to see this ;-)

Makeup storage solutions are one of my favorite things to read on Blogger, I get so many ideas from you guys, on how to store things usefully and efficiently, and if it weren't for all your ideas, my makeup storage would look a lot different.

Of course, I am never fully happy with how things are organized, I am always running out of space and have to rearrange things, it's a work in progress...

Before I start, a little disclaimer:
I have been collecting makeup for years, all these things have accumulated over many many years. It's a lot, it may be unnecessary, but it doesn't matter, I consider makeup a hobby, I wear it every day and it makes me happy. It always gives me a good start into the day.
By no means am I intending to say that anyone should own that much makeup. You really shouldn't! :-)

Ok, here we go!

Since my apartment is very small, I have to keep my makeup in different rooms, it doesn't all fit into my bathroom, which is where I keep most of my stuff. My bathroom is tiny! When you walk in, you can only turn left to the shower and right to the washing machine, you can't acutally walk around. So the sink and mirror being in front of me, I keep all my makeup to my right, on the washing machine. In order to fit as much as possible, I stacked these pink and green plastic containers. I got them at KiK, a couple of years ago. They are not pretty, but they are perfect in size for my very narrow washing machine. The white plastic inserts are from Müller, they are for cutlery, really. 

 In the drawers I keep lipsticks, palettes, paint pots, concealers ect.
I have put little labels on the drawers where I store the lipsticks, N is for nude, P is for pink, R is for red etc. That way it's easier to find things at 6.30 in the morning... :-)

I have my pigments and MAC paint pots stored in this acrylic container that I purchased at Magno Nails a couple of years ago. I just checked, they don't sell these displays anymore, but I'm sure you can find plenty of similar shelves on Ebay!

My lipglasses are mostly stored on top of my whole arrangement so that I can see them all and can quickly alter the shade of my lipstick in case it doesn't completely match my eye makeup that day.

My favorite brushes are also within arm's reach, all my other brushes I keep in a kitchen cabinet.

A random big drawer with random things:

My eyeliners:

The "nail drawer" :-)

My other cream shadows, mostly Benefit Creasesless Creams and MAC Fluidlines:

As I said, my makeup is stored in different parts of my apartment. You saw the bathroom, now let's move on to the kitchen. My bathroom is right next to the kitchen, so basically, what I store there, is within arm's reach.

I store most of my palettes here, the MAC LE Palettes are in a box on the left, my MAC Eye Palettes in the middle and to the right I keep lipsticks I want to swatch soon.
On top on the left are my MAC Blush Palettes, my Urban Deday Naked Palettes and a NYX Palette. On top on the right in the back: My Catrice Big City Life Palettes, two Guerlain Palettes and in front - barely visible - two Sleek Palettes:

I have Mr. Angry Cat watch all my MAC eyeshadow palettes, so nobody steals them :-))

You can find him at Butlers, but careful, he's mean! :-))

Here is a little tip, if you like Jo Malone and have her boxes: I put my MAC LE Palettes into three small Jo Malone boxes and stuck those into a big box:


 Last but not least: my bedroom, here is where I keep everything else, everything that doesn't fit in my bathroom! I store it in the top drawer of my Ikea Koppang dresser. The big divider on the left is also from Ikea, it's this one here.

Hope you liked my little tour of my makeup collection, if you have a similar post, please put it in the comments below, I'd love to read!


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MAC Fabulousness Warm Eyes Palette

Good morning everyone! :-)

Today I used the Warm Eyes Palette from the recent MAC Glamour Daze Collection, it's this one here:

As I mentioned in my Glamour Daze haul, the testers - especially this palette - swatchted terribly. I took that into account when I pulled out my palette for the first time this morning, I took a precautionary measure :o)

After applying Urban Decay Primer Potion I patted MAC Paint Pot in Chilled on Ice all over the lid kind of thickly, to get a shimmery, colored base. I also dusted MAC Brulé (kind of my skintone color) all over the crease and brow bone, to help the colors blend more easily later.

Anyway, here is the outcome: 

And here is how I placed the shades:

I used:
Honesty (lid and inner lower lashline)
Cognac (crease)
Sketch (outer v and outer lower lashline)
Glamour Light (highlight)

For mascara I used MAC Plush Lash and as brow gel b.pretty transparent eyebrow gel.

I had no problems with Cognac and Sketch, the transparency of Honesty was taken care by using a colored, shimmery base, and the highlight - Glamour Light - was ok to use, nothing spectacular, but I don't need specatcular highlight shades anyway.

So that was my Warm Eyes Palette look, if you want to see other looks from the collection:

and for my complete haul:

 Happy painting everyone!

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