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"Go Beyond The Cover"
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Have you seen this video by Dermablend Professional?

My brother-in-law showed it to me last weekend, and I just remembered I wanted to show you...

The model is Rick Genest, also known as Zombie Boy.

Full coverage or what??!!! :-D


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MAC Sheen Supreme Blossom Culture

Good Morning Ladies!

This is MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Blossom Culture, one of my favorite lipsticks lately!

What I especially love about it is the formula; Sheen Supremes are really creamy and shiny, not all but many, they almost feel like lip balm and that's one thing I am certainly fooled by at times: I start pressing my lips together - like I would do with a lip balm - and I end up with color all over my mouth, far beyond the lines of my lips, do you know what I mean? :-) 

A little bit like Krusty the Clown...

So you just have to keep in mind that you're wearing lipstick, not lip balm! :-)

Colorwise Blossom Culture it's a pretty coral, it's permanent in the MAC range of products.

Due to the creaminess of this shade, it's better to store it somewhere cool. When it's exposed to heat, it can become quite thick when applied, as you might have noticed at MAC stores, where they start to melt under the hot lights.

Anyway, two thumbs up for MAC Blossom Culture!


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2nd Beauty Flea Market in Vienna

We're doing it again... :-)

The 2nd Vienna Beauty Flea Market will be taking place on Sunday, June 10th, starting from 11 a.m., so save the date!

 The event has defintely grown in size, more girls will be selling their makeup this time, so expect even more eyeshadows, powders and nail polishes for sale - old and new! I am definitely looking forward to the event, it will be great fun to chat with the girls, to meet everyone!

The three beauty bloggers that are organizing the flea market are:
 Claudia from Claudia loves... Fashion
Mirela from Coral and Mauve
  Jen from Goldmarie

Here is the flyer:

The location is the same as last time:
Martinstraße 25
in the 18th district

How to get there:
Hop onto the brown subway line, U6 and get off at station "Michelbeuern - AKH"

Here is the Facebook link for the event:

I still need to clear out my collection, I am sure I will find some things! :-) Also, if you want to know what I bought last time:


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MAC Patina and Mothbrown

Hi everyone!

Have you all voted on "MAC by Request"?

6 discontinued eyeshadows were up for vote on Facebook for MAC fans recently, the three eyeshadows with the most votes will come back as an online exclusive later this year. I have voted for "Mothbrown" every day, since it's one of my favorite eyeshadows ever released by MAC. I don't know if it made the cut in the end, but I am keeping my fingers crossed! And if it will be released, I will stock up on backups, that's for sure! :-)

If you've missed it, here is some information over at Temptalia:

here is my eye makeup of the day, with Mothbrown :-)

Products used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye Base (discontinued)
MAC eyeshadows:
Patina (lid and lower lashline)
Go (LE) (crease)
Mothbrown (LE) (outer v)
Trax (brow bone)
Shroom (highlight)
Essence Multi-Action Mascara
b-pretty transparent eye brow gel

Hope ya like it! :-)

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Amazing Thailand

Hat Nai Yang

My dear readers,
thank you very much for your nice comments on my last blogpost! I love travelling and I really enjoy sharing with you!

Since some of you wanted to see my Thailand pictures as well, here come some of them from my past trips! :-)

After that, it will be back to makeup, I promise! :-))

 Sunset on Hat Nai Yang

 Children on Hat Nai Yang

 Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok


Weekend Market, Chiang Mai

  Weekend Market, Chiang Mai

Statue in pose of traditional Thai greeting Wai

Boy in pose of traditional Thai greeting Wai

Monk in Chiang Mai

 Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai

Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai

Monk at Work

Monk in Chiang Mai

 Wat Suan Dok, Chiang Mai

Wat Phra Dat Doi Suthep

Sleeping Buddha, Wat Phra Dat Doi Suthep

Hat Kamala

Koh Lanta

Bamboo Island 

Sunset on Kho Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi
(doesn't look like that anymore...)

Beach on Koh Phi Phi


Blusherine rock climbing in Railay :-)
(just a joke of course, the rope should be tied to your waist, not around your back :-))

Railay West


Railay East

Sunset on Railay West


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Back from Vietnam, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand

 Hi everybody!

Long time no see!!! :-))

How have you all been?
I've been backpacking throughout Vietnam and Thailand for the past couple of weeks and now I'm back, rested, with my mind full of memories and ready to jump back into life here in Vienna!

Feels like I have been gone forever, and it certainly feels like I have been gone forever from this blog, I apologize, the days just don't seem to have enough hours anymore!

I have been to Thailand many times before, but it was my first trip to Vietnam. I loved it, it was strenuous at times, but it was a great experience.

But enough talk, I'll leave you with some images, mostly of Vietnam, because I already have a gazillion pictures of Thailand from my past trips :-) I might post those sometime, if you're interested! I love Thailand!

*edit: here they are!

  Vietnam - Merchant on the streets

  Temple of the Jade Mountain, Hanoi

 Vietnam, Countryside

 Delicious Vietnamese Food
 Vietnam, Countryside

 Hanoi, Old Quarter

  Village in North Vietnam

Hanoi, Old Quarter

 On the Way to Halong Bay


 Koi in a Pond in Thailand

 Temple of the Jade Mountain, Hanoi

"Uncle Ho" - Ho Chi Minh

  Halong Bay, Vietnam

Temple of Literature, Hanoi

 A big smooch! 


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