White Wedges with a 70s Touch

Hi everybody!

I bought these Pepe Jeans wedges at the beginning of spring, when it was still cold, way before anyone was remotely thinking of wearing open toe shoes, not me anyway. Since the weather has been kind of yucky up until a couple of days ago - lots of rain and cold - I never felt like wearing them, but today is the day! Today is the day of the white fabric shoe! :-)

I impregnated them before I put them on this morning, to make sure the white stays white as long as possible! And I really tried to avoid drooling dogs on the way to work, or any other kind of danger! :-)

As always, when I wear new shoes to work and don't know if I can last in them all day or when I'm afraid I'll get blisters, I put a comfy pair of black flip flops in my bag, just in case... But I didn't need them, I have been really comfortable all day, high up above the earth, but comfortable.

As for sizing, they are true to size, I wear 37 and these are 37! These are my first Pepe Jeans shoes and I got them at Humanic shoe store on Mariahilfer Straße here in Vienna!

They're still available on their website, if you want to check them out there:

The details about the heel hight are not really correct on the website, I measured with a ruler. :-)
The heel measures 11 cm (4 inches), the plateau measures 4 cm (1,5 inches), so technically, these are 7 cm (2,5 inches) heels, which is ok to walk in all day. They also have abuilt-in cushion!

So off I stroll with my white new wedges...



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MAC "Have a Lovely Day" Lip and Cheek Colour

MAC's Casual Colour Collection hit stores recently and I had been eyeing this specific shade "Have a Lovely Day" for a while because it looked a lot like MAC Angel in swatches I had seen. And I really like MAC Angel!

I had tried to skip the collection completely (I have way too many lip/cheek cream products), but needless to say, once I was swatching it at the counter, I heard myself saying: "I'll take it"...

I managed to skip the Beth Ditto Collection though, which is almost a shame, because I love Beth Ditto and I think MAC could have made much more of an effort to create unique products for this unique lady (in unique packaging).

But back on track!

I am wearing "Have a Lovely Day" today, I just applied it with my fingers and I applied 2 coats in order for it to cover my natural lip colour.

Since you always ask about the pigmentation of my lips: I have medium pigmented lips, i.e. most lipsticks do cover my natural lips enough so that you can really see the color itself well. Some MAC Lustre formulas however don't show up on my lips, they are a little too sheer for that and when I wear them you can barey see the hue, just my natural color with a sheen. So my lips are not cherry-red and they are not very pale, they are just a medium rosy kind of brown and most lipsticks I apply do transform the appearance of my lips enough to tell a good difference!

I find "Have a Lovely" pleasant to wear, it applies beautifully since it's very creamy and it's very easy to spread with fingers. When I look in the mirror now, after two hours of wear, it has dried down a bit, but it still feels good on my lips.

Take care!

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I had to have it, too...

I saw this cute little fish ring on LoveT.`s Blog the other day and I ran to the SIX store on Kärntner Straße to get it...

They had only one left, and it only had one eye... :-)

Can you see how it's swimming in the blue sea? :-))

Nail Polish is an old one from the Alessandro Mini Set "He loves me - Colours of Spring":
So me and my little fish are cruising around the keyboard of my computer today...



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What I bought at the 2nd Beauty Flea Market...

We were sellers, but we were also buyers!

This is what I bought at the 2nd Vienna Beauty Flea Market last Sunday!


 MAC Blot Powder in Medium
Isn't the compact so pretty? It's from an old MAC Collection which I don't even know the name of! Does anyone?
*edit: Lilly just told me, it's from the 2006 MAC Catherine Deneuve Collection!

I don't really use blot powder because I have really dry skin, but I would have bought this compact (from Lilly) in any case, even if it had green blush in it, just because of the beautiful packaging...
I will depot the powder and put my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in it, for daily use! :-)

 I also bought:

MAC Royal Assets Warm Eyes Palette
Antiquitease Collection

 Now hold on, do you remember what I bought last year at the Beauty Flea Market?
Right, the Cool Eyes Palette, now I have two:

Aren't they just too cute? :-)

This is what the warm palette looks like:

Pretty, huh?!
Eye look is coming soon!

Last thing I bought was a MAC eyeshadow:

MAC Little Minx
Rebel Rock Collection

Take care!

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