Seven SIX Bracelets

Hi there,

I love going to the SIX store, they get new jewelry all the time and pretty much every time I go in there, I will find something that I like, at a very small price. Sometimes the quality is less than thrilling, especially with rings I experienced some major wearing and oxidizing issues in the past, sometimes even after the first time wearing them, but once in a while I find real gems (well not REAL gems, real gems, you know!) :-)

So here comes my new bracelet, it's made up of 7 small individual bracelets that can be intertwined:

I love the summery colors, bright yellow and turquoise paired with bronze, gold and orange. I also like how the different bracelets have different bead sizes and forms.

I am very proudly wearing my new bracelet today! :-) The only thing that doesn't match is my nail polish, I am wearing a neon one, which isn't quite a good match! :-)

Hope you like it too!


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MAC Lovelorn Lipstick

MAC Lovelorn is another one of those colors that I consider office appropriate. It's a light baby pink, perfect for just a wash of color during daytime, yet it's buildable, if you would like to wear it on a night out, you could almost make it full coverage. For a Lustre, I must say, it's pretty pigmented, if I didn't know it was a Lustre I would have guessed Cremesheen. Lovelorn is permanent at MAC.



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Has My Cover Been Blown?

Something weird happened yesterday...

I went to my friend's house, to have a cup of coffee and to visit her two cute kids. The first thing she asks me as I walk in the door: "So how was the canyoning trip?"

The canyoning trip?

My brain was working at full speed: had I told her? Had I mentioned it in the e-mail I had written her that day? I didn't think so. But I wasn't sure.

So this morning I checked my mails from yesterday and I couldn't find anything. The only place I had written about it was here, on Blogger.

So now my question is:
Has she found out? :o)
And if yes, how on earth? :o) I thought I was pretty undercover... :o)

Up until now the only people who knew I was blogging were my boyfriend and the friends I met through blogger, i.e. Lilly, Nyota, Renate. My family doesn't know and my friends don't know. I guess I felt silly blogging about makeup and I didn't want them to know.
So now I wonder if my cover has finally been blown! I wouldn't be too suprised, I have been on here for three years.

Dear C., if you know more than I think you know, please tell me! Then we can both have a laugh!!



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My Week in Pictures

Hi there!

I hope you had a great weekend!

I went canyoning in Lunz am See in Lower Austria yesterday, it was freezing cold but I was wearing 3 wetsuits on top of each other. They kept me warm, but I could barely move! :o)
If the photos will turn out ok (I had an underwater camera) I might post them. Afer years and years of digital photography it's quite exciting to take a one-way camera to the store to get the pictures developed!

 Last week I also installed Instagram on my boyfriend's iPhone to create a picture diary, so to say, so here comes my first week in pictures:

With the occasional kick in the butt from Mr. Blusherine (which I occasionally need :-)), I would go jogging on a path behind my boyfriend's place. This week I went after work, but mostly I go on the weekend, when I'm much more relaxed and not so tired. I usually run 5km/3miles, always in the open countryside because my knees can't handle asphalt.
When my boyfriend took the picture he said: "So now that you have the photo for Instagram, are you gonna put your running shoes in the closet and never ever take them out again?"
You got me! 

On Friday it's been two years since our little kitty cat died. She was a sweetie, we had a hard time letting her go. We buried her under a cherry tree and we always make sure her grave looks nice. This was her, these are old pictures:

 Her brother is still doing well healthwise, he is aging, we can tell, but he is in a good shape for a little senior cat, he loves to sleep:


... and also to cuddle:

Last but not least we went hiking, just a small walking-tour which however still reminded me I need to get in better shape:

Hope you liked my week in pictures!


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Lime Green Eyes with Bitter

"Bitter" is a color by MAC that I would usually refrain from using, too bright, too obvious and way too scary.

But in the summer, I feel like, anything goes! When the sun burns down on your head and blinds everyone in front you, a little color burst isn't too bad :-)

The colors I used are from the MAC Manish Arora Palette, but only "Going Bananas" is limited edition, the others are permanent.

  • I started out with patting "Bitter" on the lid with a Sigma E55 brush, patting it slightly above the crease, then
  • I put "Going Bananas" in the crease and on the brow bone with a MAC 224 brush, then
  • I deepened the crease with "Blackberry" using a MAC 217 brush, just in the very crease and slightly on the outer lid, lastly
  • I applied "Nylon" with a MAC 227 brush as a highlight and with a clean MAC 217 brush in the inner corner.

I hope I didn't commit a "lime crime"...



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Monsoon Haul: Taupe Dress and Navy Top

All images © Monsoon Accessorize Ltd

Hi Lovelies,

I met my dear friends Lilly, Nyota and Renate yesterday for a cup of coffee and a chat at Le Bol, and since many shops were open til late - because of longer hours on Thursdays - we made a few visits to a few stores.

Our last stop was the Monsoon store on Graben and I found a lovely dress and also a pretty top:

 Charlotte Embroidered Dress:

(this is not me in the picture :-))

Suki Top:

 (again... not me :-))

 I'm very excited about my new purchases and hope to sport them sometime soon! :-)


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MAC Red Lipstick Comparison Swatches

I see red!


Here are some comparison swatches of my MAC red lipsticks.

I really don't wear red all that often, I need to have a drink or two before I bust out any red lip color, except lipgloss, I love wearing red lipgloss, always puts me in a good mood! 

Anyway, here come the swatches:
(click to enlarge)

Kiss Manish is a Frost (Manish Arora Collection)
Viva Glam Cindy is a Lustre (Viva Glam From Our Lips Collection)
Fire Sign is a Lustre (Heavenly Creature Collection)
Cockney is a Lustre (permanent)
Heartless is an Amplified (Venomous Villains Collection)

I am actually wearing red lipgloss today, a very luxurious one, Chanel Excés, the only lip product I  possess from Chanel!


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I love Jennifer Aniston...

Look what I just found on

Jen Aniston helping Ellen DeGeneres promote her new talk show season, it's hilarious!

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MAC Royal Assets Warm Eyes Look

Remember the MAC Royal Assets Warm Eyes Palette that I bought at the 2nd Vienna Beauty Flea Market a couple of weeks ago?

I had been looking for that palette FOREVER! Imagine my excitement when I saw it on display and for sale there, I think I actually jumped towards it! Hands first!

The palette is from the 2007 MAC Christmas Collection "Antiquitease".


 This is what the palette looks like, it has three permanent MAC shades in it, which would be Retrospeck, Star Violet and Club.
Showstopper has been in a gazillion MAC palettes so you might have it somewhere, if not, Espresso from the permanent line would work as well.
As far as the two lighter shades go, I don't have dupes, but Naked Lunch (for Sunday Best) and Soft Brown (for Nobility) do the job as well.

This is how the look turned out:

And this is how I placed the shades:
Retrospeck (all over the lid)
Club (in the crease and outer v)
Showstopper (along the lash line)
Star Violet (to blend out Club)
Nobility (to blend out Star Violet)
Sunday Best (Highlight)

(click to enlarge)

I hope ya like it! :-)


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MAC Fire Sign Lipstick

Hi everyone!

A quick swatch of MAC Fire Sign before I'm back to work.

It was just released with the MAC Heavenly Creature Collection and yes, I like it, but honestly, it's the kind of red that I prefer on others rather than on myself! I've read that it's similar to MAC Viva Glam Cindy, which I also didn't exactly love, but if you liked that shade, this might be for you!

I, on my part, prefer lighter and more yellow/orange toned reds, I feel like they blend in better with my skin and make it glowier. This shade leans rather pink, just slightly, not a bad thing, mind you, but not quite me. I applied it very lightly to just give a hint of red (and to be honest I topped it off with a gloss later, haha).

It has a Lustre finish, which makes bold shades that much more wearable!

As always, I just slapped it on, no liner or primer or anything!


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MAC Venus Lipstick

Hi my dear!

I went to check out MAC's Heavenly Creature Collection yesterday and I was all over the lipsticks because of the gorgeous colors in a Lustre finish, my favorite lipstick finish by MAC.

I already had Cut a Caper from the Tartan Tale Collection, but I got a backup anyway, you can never have enough coral backups in your lipstick collection! :-)

This morning I tried Venus, it's a pretty rose color with gold sparkles, really pretty! I could see myself go back to MAC to get a backup of this one as well, it's subtle and wearable and perfect for the office.

So here come swatches:
Cut a Caper:


A big smooch


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