MAC Fabulousness Warm Eyes Palette

Good morning everyone! :-)

Today I used the Warm Eyes Palette from the recent MAC Glamour Daze Collection, it's this one here:

As I mentioned in my Glamour Daze haul, the testers - especially this palette - swatchted terribly. I took that into account when I pulled out my palette for the first time this morning, I took a precautionary measure :o)

After applying Urban Decay Primer Potion I patted MAC Paint Pot in Chilled on Ice all over the lid kind of thickly, to get a shimmery, colored base. I also dusted MAC Brulé (kind of my skintone color) all over the crease and brow bone, to help the colors blend more easily later.

Anyway, here is the outcome: 

And here is how I placed the shades:

I used:
Honesty (lid and inner lower lashline)
Cognac (crease)
Sketch (outer v and outer lower lashline)
Glamour Light (highlight)

For mascara I used MAC Plush Lash and as brow gel b.pretty transparent eyebrow gel.

I had no problems with Cognac and Sketch, the transparency of Honesty was taken care by using a colored, shimmery base, and the highlight - Glamour Light - was ok to use, nothing spectacular, but I don't need specatcular highlight shades anyway.

So that was my Warm Eyes Palette look, if you want to see other looks from the collection:

and for my complete haul:

 Happy painting everyone!

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Killer Clown for Halloween

No, this is not the singer of KISS :-D

I went to Lilly's Halloween Party last Wednesday and I needed a quick and easy makeup because I had only very little time between work and the party. So this makeup came in handy! I wish I could take credit for the idea, but it was entirely someone else's :-)


 I basically replicated a makeup by Melissa Bernard, but without the white contact lenses:

If you want to recreate her look for next Halloween maybe, here is her Youtube video:
(here is the link, in case it doesn't show correctly)
Melissa's Killer Clown Tutorial

 And here is me again :-)


I used cheap face paint from the Halloween store Witte here in Vienna, it was basically:
White face paint
Red face paint
Black face paint
Black matte eyeshadow
Fake blood

MAC Feline Kohl Pencil for around the eyes
and a 6-euro-wig labelled "Zombie Wig", if I remember correctly

I dressed all in black, so it was an easy costume :-)

If you want to see more pictures from the party, go to Lilly's blog:

More pictures from her fabulous Halloween decoration ideas can be found here.

It was a fun to be a mean killer clown and now I can't wait for next Halloween! :-)


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Halloween at Lilly's House

This Barbie doll deserves a front cover!!

The makeup artist for Barbie's body art ;-) is:

She made this fabulous green cake for her Halloween Party on Wednesday and decorated it with four Barbies from Hell! :-)) When I saw it I burst out laughing!
Here is an aerial view of the cake:

After a while, Lilly stuck a huge knife into the cake, very scary! ;-)

We didn't want to eat the cake and destroy it because it was so pretty and well done! When I left the party at 1.30 in the morning, it was still intact! :-) I don't know what happened after that...

If you want to know where she ordered the dolls, I can ask. They are normally used for children's birthday party cakes, Barbie being on top and the cake being her dress. I think Lilly ordered them on Ebay.

*edit: she ordered the dolls and everything else here:

For the party, we all dressed up and Lilly's husband Merlin from Dark Visions of Merlin made pictures! You will find them on his and her blog soon, I'm sure! I will also post my makeup separately (*edit: find it here), for now I will leave you with the deco pictures from her party: 

The spectators on the shelves:

Delicious muffins, topped with frogs and spiders:

Scary skulls on the toilet :-)

...and last but not least: bat straws!! :-))

Hope you had a great Halloween!


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