Decorating for Christmas

Hi everyone,

I just quickly wanted to pop in to show you the ornament wreath I made for Christmas following this tutorial by Virginia from LiveLoveDiy.

Virgina now made a blogpost featuring some of the ornament wreaths her readers made following her tutorial, and I was included in the feature, how exciting!!

Here is her blogpost about it:

Isn't it amazing what everyone came up with? I think these wreaths are all amazing! And now I am so motivated to make another one! :-)

In the meantime - until I get everything together - I'll leave you with Santa Claus and the Advent wreath I put up in my apartment! Santa is patiently waiting to be filled with homemade cookies! :-)

Til next time!

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Quick Tip Austria: "RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday" is online!

Picture copyright MAC Cosmetics

Hi everyone!

If you're from Austria and you've had your eyes on the RiRi hearts MAC Holiday Collection, you better be quick, it's online now at:

It's expected to sell out quickly, so hurry up! :-)
Lipstick RiRi Woo is being repromoted with this collection, so if you couldn't get it before, here is your chance! Another lipstick from the collection is Bad Girl RiRi, which I have already swatched and talked about here.

If you can't get anything because it's no longer available, the collection will launch in Austrian stores on December 27!

Happy Shopping! :-)


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What I bought at the 5th Vienna Beauty Flea Market

Hi everyone!

I know many of you came to the 5th Vienna Beauty Flea Market last Sunday on Badeschiff, got up early and waited in line to hopefully find lots of great makeup.

I sure did too, and even better, I got to see many of my "makeup friends" that I only see on such occasions. It was a fun day, chatting with everyone and looking through what the girls had for sale! And when the masses of people got too overwhelming, I sat down with my friend Suianna at one of the side tables and had a drink. What a great way to spend a Sunday morning! :-)

The shopping craze started at 11 a.m., but the exhibitors were there much earlier to set up their stands on Badeschiff. For those of you who aren't from Vienna, the Badeschiff is a boat that is anchored at Donaukanal in the city center of Vienna:

Photo courtesy of Lillith's Dark Tower

Two of my best friends also sold their makeup there, these were their stands:

Lilly's stand
Photo courtesy of Lillith's Dark Tower

And Nyota's stand:

 Here I am, on the right, rummaging through the makeup that MISS Magazine had for sale:

Photo courtesy of MISS Magazine

The two lovely ladies at the MISS stand had lots of great makeup on display, and they even donated all their proceeds to the typhoon victims on the Philippines:

Photo courtesy of Goldmarie & Co.

 Here - at the MISS stand - is where I made my first purchase, a Jo Malone perfume by the name of Blackberry & Bay:

Next purchase was a Wet n Wild Trio (Silent Treatment) that I bought from Don't You Wish You Had Some More, also brand new and even still sealed!

The red lipstick is MAC's To Swoon For from the 2008 Adoring Carmine Collection that I bought from Lilly and the Barbie Loves MAC lipstick is Sweet and Single that I desperately wanted because mine is already very worn down! The Essie Nail Polish is Rock the Boat and I bought it from Jen.

The best buy, however, was this one:

A Barbie loves MAC compact from the 2007 MAC collection of the same name. I had been looking for that compact forever!!! It holds "Pearl Blossom" Beauty Powder but I will probably depot that and put my own MSF Natural into it!

So happy I got that!

So now I'm curious, what did you guys buy? I have already watched many of your purchases on Instagram, but I love to hear over and over again! :-)

Feel free to share in the comments!

one happy

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MAC Bad Girl RiRi Lipstick

MAC's Bad Girl RiRi lipstick is part of the upcoming RiRi hearts MAC Collection that's about to release this Christmas holiday.

Now don't be fooled by my swatch, this might look like a typical "my lips but better" shade, but Bad Girl RiRi is really a pretty dark, opaque brown shade with a matte finish. Keep in mind that I use a flash in all my pictures and that it washes out the color quite a bit!

Now we all know Rihanna is brave and we all know how she rocks matte lipsticks, but for me - personally - I find matte finishes a little hard to pull off. I have large lips and if I cover them completely with a flat matte opaque color I feel like they become even more prominent and that makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I know the general agreement is that mattes look more natural but I personally always feel that a little bling bling on the lips distracts from an obvious coat of color.

So to sum it up: Blusherine = shiny lips! :-)

That doesn't mean I never wear mattes, I just oomph them up a bit! :-) If I like the color of the lipstick (which in this particular case I do) I'll wear lip balm underneath so that the lipstick goes on smoother and shinier. I love to wear "O" lipstick by MAC like that for example. If that's still not enough creaminess, I'll put a clear gloss on top, or even a colored one, to make the shade more interesting and multi-dimensional.

MAC describes the color as a matte taupey nude, I personally don't see much taupe in it, much rather warmer hues!

In Austria the online release is scheduled for December 10 while it should be available at counters on December 27. It will cost 21 Euros.

So are you gonna get it? Or is anything else is on your wishlist? I will pass on the bright pink lipstick "Pleasure Bomb" and I already have "RiRi Woo" which has already been released (but which I have been too afraid to wear so far) :-))


This product has been provided by PR. Opinions are my own.

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A night with Elle Woods and MAC Cosmetics

Photo top left: Copyright VBW/Nathalie Bauer

Pink was the motto, but most of us came dressed in black... :-)

Last night MAC Cosmetics Austria invited a couple of Viennese bloggers to watch the musical "Legally Blonde" at Ronacher theater where MAC provides the makeup for the cast of the show.

In case you don't remember Elle Woods, the main character of show, let me refresh your mind a little :-)

Are you with me?
Elle Woods: the attractive blonde California girl who attends Harvard law school to win back her ex-boyfriend who dumped her, played by Reese Witherspoon in the 2001 Hollywood movie.

Well Elle's shoes - or should we say stiletto pumps - were filled by someone else last night:


Barbara Obermeier, who swirled around in those stilettos like no one else (I wish the meet-and-greet with her had been after the show - I really wanted to ask her how she did it, because many of her shoes didn't even have securing straps, and she did some serious jumping around in those heels!)... but I am diverging here... :-)

Anyway, to show you what I mean, here are some pictures of the show, courtesy of Vereinigte Bühnen Wien (click to enlarge):

Photo copyright: VBW/Nathalie Bauer

Photo copyright: VBW/Nathalie Bauer
Photo copyright: VBW/Brinkhoff/Mögenburg

Photo copyright: VBW/Brinkhoff/Mögenburg

And let's not forget the hot UPS delivery guy in his even hotter hot pants: :-)

Photo copyright: VBW/Brinkhoff/Mögenburg

It really was a fun night and I sure would like to thank MAC for taking us.

The bloggers who were there with me were:

Am I missing anyone?

The evening started with a peak behind the scenes of the Ronacher theater with chief makeup artist Gabi Nussbaumer who explained the makeup of the show as well as the making of the many wigs:

And there were really many many wigs:

 One girl was just getting her hair fixed up:

 Makeupwise the Ronacher was the place to be for me: MAC everywhere!! *woot*:

Before we sat down for the performance, MAC's PR lady Katharina showed us the upcoming MAC Collections for spring 2014, we also got to look at and swatch the RiRi Hearts MAC collection that's coming out in December as well as the current Christmas collection:

 And as if that weren't enough already we even received some goodies which I will be happy to swatch for you!

All in all, it was a fun night with fun ladies and really nice musical staff at the Ronacher theater.

Thank you to everyone who made it possible!

Oh, and about the fact that most of us came dressed in black: There are two theories: either we have already adapted to the MAC dress code or we just wanted to play it safe...

I'll let you pick one! ;-)


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5th Vienna Beauty Flea Market

Hi everyone!

If you live in the Vienna (Austria) area, I have a quick tip for you:

the 5th Vienna Beauty Flea Market will take place on Sunday, December 1st at Badeschiff Wien, starting at 11 a.m.

The Badeschiff - a boat that is anchored at Donaukanal - has been the location for the Beauty Flea Market once before - this past summer - you can see it was very popular:
 So be there early, the line will be long!

The entrance fee is 1 Euro!

Find all the details on the Flea Market's homepage:

as well as on Facebook:

 The event is being organized by the four lovely ladies above (from left):

Caroline from Good Lack, Nail!
Mirela from Coral and Mauve
Jen from Goldmarie

Here is how to get there:
(click to enlarge)

The Badeschiff is located on Donaukanallände between Schwedenplatz and Urania. You can reach it with the following lines:

Subway U1/U4 station Schwedenplatz
Tram lines 1, 2, 21, N station Schwedenplatz

I'm really excited to go, my friends Lilly and Nyota will be exhibitors and I can't wait to see what they have for sale!

I will post some pictures on Instagram, I'm @_blusherine if you want to come along!

So be there on Sunday!
And don't forget to bring some change!


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I Back 2 MACd

Hi everyone!

Long time no see!

It's been a busy past couple of months for me, lots of stuff going on in my personal life that kept me busy and on my toes, but now, hopefully, things will quiet down a bit and I have more time to relax and to - yes - blog again! At least a little bit! Won't make any promises as to how often I will update, but we'll see!

So to catch up a bit: this past month I've been on a short trip to Mallorca, to Palma de Mallorca, to be precise. I might post pictures of the trip, if you're interested - if you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen them.

Anyhoo, as most of you know, I am a major MAC Cosmetics fan and since I cannot Back 2 MAC my empties here in Austria (they don't offer the program here) - I took advantage of my trip to Spain. If you're unaware about the Back 2 MAC program, you can read about it here. Basically, by returning six empty MAC containers you’ll receive a free lipstick. I had 12 empty containers, and here they are! I apologize for the bad picture! I took it quickly at the hotel before turning everything in at the MAC Counter at El Corte Inglés in Palma.

Last time I Back 2 MACd was in June 2011, you can read about it here

So basically, since then - in two years - this is what I used up!

5 MAC Brush Cleansers
I am gonna do a little math here :-) 5 Brush Cleansers in two years, that means I need 2,5 Brush Cleansers per year.
Would I repurchase?
Yes I would, I already have and I will in the future.

Select Cover-Up Concealer in NC30
 I love this concealer, I take it for anything: from pin-point concealing to concealing larger red areas on my face to occasionally concealing under my eyes, if I'm lazy. It works for all three purposes.
Would I repurchase?
Yes! Already have!

Nail Lacquer "Light Affair"
I finished this nail polish a long time ago, I only kept it this long so I could Back 2 MAC it, isn't it lovely how we keep trash only so we can get a free lipstick? ;-) It came out in 2009 with the Love Lace Collection, I finished it early last year, according to my MAC inventory list :-) Here is a picture in the blogpost I wrote about it. It was also featured in my "MAC Oscars 2010" post here.
Would I repurchase?
Yes! I definitely would! If it's ever repromoted, I will. 

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus
I'll keep it short on this one, love it, works great for my dry skin, sets my foundation without caking it up, gives a smooth, natural finish, it's just LOVE!
Would I repurchase?
Yes! I already have!

Plush Lash in Plushblack
Possibly my all-time favorite mascara, together with MaxFactor False Lash Effect.
Would I repurchase?
Yes! I have a ton of other mascaras to use up at the moment, but I am always re-purchasing MAC Plush Lash - sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

Lip Conditioner Stick SPF 15
 This came out with the Warm & Cozy Collection in 2010, I thought it's a permanent product but apparently it's not. I didn't like it, it did not moisturize my lips, it almost made them even drier.
Would I repurchase?
No! There are way better lip treatments on the market, I would definitely not repurchase!

Opulash "Victorious"
 Colored mascaras just don't show up on me. That I have learned by now! I'm a brunette, my lashes are brown, unless I stand in bright sunlight, you don't even see a hue of color. This one - a purple shade by the name of Victorious - came out with the Wonder Woman Collection in 2011.
Would I repurchase?
No! One, because I just like black mascaras the best. Two, because I find the brush of the Opulash a bit too large for my rather small eyes. 

Lipglass "Young Thing"
 You can never go wrong with a pale, nude lipgloss: use it for a natural day look, use it to complement smoky eyes at night, or - what I have used it most for - to tone down a lipstick that's too bright! Oh, and one more use: when you put on lipstick that you thought would match the eye makeup perfectly and then it doesn't, nude lipgloss will take out the oomph of the lip color and make it more muted and wearable. "Young Thing" came out with the Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection in 2009, the closest color in the permanent range would probably be C-Thru.
 Would I repurchase?
Yes! Even though it's basically only a simple nude lipgloss that many brands make, the excitement of finishing it easily would make me repurchase! :-)

So I hope you liked my little review of the things I have used up!

Have you used up anything lately! Are you hoarding it so that you can Back 2 MAC it? Can you do Back 2 MAC in your country?

I'd love to know!


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Quick Tip Vienna: Kostümhaus is selling all their clothes

If you live in Vienna and love Flea Markets and the like, here is a quick tip for you:

The Kostümhaus (a costume provider for movies, theater, etc.) is selling all their clothes (more than 50.000) starting June 10th.

Expect vintage pieces from the 50s, 60s and 70s for both men and women, fantasy costumes, accessories such as hats, shoes and bags.

All information can be found here on their homepage or here on Facebook.

Doors will be open for visitors starting June 10th - Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. - at Kostümhaus Wien, Längenfeldgasse 27. The sale will go on the following weeks until everything is gone or approximately until the end of July.

Prices will range between 20 and 150 euros!

So if you're on the hunt for a anything between a snowman costume or a police uniform (let's hope not ;-)) or more likely a nice hat or a vintage bag, be sure to visit!



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O Summer, Where Art Thou?

Hi guys!

It's Sunday and another week has gone by. It's been raining for days here in Austria and right this minute I can hear sirens of fire trucks rushing by, trying to help those whose houses got flooded in Lower Austria. When it's pouring like this, the Danube always overflows, not in Vienna, they built a discharge flume which catches the excess water when the tide rises, but all the villages and towns along the Danube that don't have a collecting basin are always prone to flooding.

Here is a picture of an old branch of the Danube river from my Instagram account (I'm @_blusherine, if you want to follow me). This old branch near my boyfriend's house also always overflows! We live behind a dam though and are thankfully never affected!

So hello summer, it's June 2nd, where are you? (By the way, I do realize that my title is "wrong" in any way, Shakespeare's "Where Art Thou" does not translate as "Where Are You" but you get the joke, right? :-))

So to cheer us all up in this yucky weather, here comes a nail polish that I bought last week:

Essie Nail Lacquer DJ Play That Song from the collection of the same name

I used:
One coat of Essence 24/7 Nail Base
Two coats of Essie DJ Play that Song
One coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer

From that same collection I also got:

from left:
Bottle Service
DJ Play that Song
Boom Boom Room

Can't wait to try the other two!

Because many of you wanted to know the recipe for this strawberry salad I posted on Instagram:

Here it is (German-speaking readers may find the recipe here - I used lamb's lettuce instead of rucola and parmesan instead of pecorino cheese).

For my English-speaking readers here comes the translation:

For 4 servings:
225 g rucola (I used lamb's lettuce)
Fresh basil leaves (I left those out)
500 g strawberries
50 g pecorino cheese (I used parmesan)
5 tbsp white balsamic vinegar
50 g liquid honey
8 tbsp olive oil
4 tbsp roasted pine nuts

Don't be too fussy about the measurements, just toss some salad, strawberries and cheese together and season to taste!

What else last week?

I went on a nice easy Via Ferrata in Lower Austria at Peilstein, it was really cold and windy, hence the almost wintery clothes:

We also went to Langenlois in Lower Austria, to visit the wine museum "Loisium", well it's not really a museum, more a large wine cellar system that can be visited.

The cellars are up to 900 years old and the temperature is constantly 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) both in summer and winter, the humidity is around 80-90%.

At the beginning of the tour there was a light show:

Also, I went to see the Great Gatsby:

What can I say, a visual explosion and a soundtrack to die for, I downloaded it immediately after the movie. Baz Luhrman's movies always have great soundtracks (Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge) and this one is no exception. Emeli Sandé sings Beyoncé, Beyoncé sings Amy Winehouse, Lana del Rey is all herself with that great melancholic voice and the best song in my opinion has got to be Jack White`s Love is Blindness, check it out on ITunes, it's great. 

I didn't like the book when I read it many years ago, I didn't like the story, and the story isn't exactly what I liked about the movie either, but sure the visuals, the music and the outfits by Prada and Miu Miu.

But back on track!

Random makeup worn last week:

Chanel Vitalumière in 20, Stila Convertible Color in Lillium for lips and cheeks, MAC Mineralize Concealer in NW25, Essence Eye Soufflé in Pas de Copper, Essence Eyeshadow in Mystery Basrah

Nars Grand Palais Duo, Manhattan Elegant Violet Blush, Nyx Thalia Lipstick

And last but not least:

Outfit of the week, which lead one business partner of our company to ask me if I was pregnant (holy sh...):

How was your week? Has it been raining like crazy at your  place too?

I'd love to know what you've all been up to!


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