Best Long Wearing Lipstick? MAC wins!

Hi everyone!

I just read an article (in German) on (a consumers' magazine) which might interest you. Stiftung Warentest, a consumers' protection associaton, tested long wearing lipsticks and how they perform. Read both articles here and here. They also discuss ingredients, so be sure to read the articles entirely, if you speak German.

I'll just give you the quick facts:

They tested lipsticks and combination products (liquid lipsticks with topcoats).
The results?
Liquid lipsticks with topcoats performed way better than classic lipsticks.

Here we go (all products are linked to their respective websites):

Winner MAC, Pro Longwear Lipcolour
Price: 24 euros

Rating: very good
Percentage: 82

2 MaxFactor, Lipfinity Lip Colour
Price: 15,80 euros
Rating: good

Percentage: 76

3 Maybelline Jade, Super Stay 24h
Price: 13,30 euros

Percentage: 70

4 Clinique, Long Last Lipstick 
Price: 21,50 euros
Rating: good
Percentage: 64

5 Christian Dior, Rouge Diorific
 Price: 33 euros
Rating: good

Percentage: 60

Are you surprised? Would you have guessed?

All the best

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MAC "Morange" Nail Lacquer

A shot of Orange to get me in a good mood in this cold, foggy weather...

This is MAC Morange, a bright, loud orange that probably looks best on you if you have olive undertones in your skin. For me, it's certainly more flattering in the summer, when my skin gets darker and bronzier, but hey, on my nails - even with lighter skin - I'll wear any color, flashy as it might be.

On the note of olive undertones: if you wear green clothes with it, you'll get a real 70s vibe, and I certainly feel groooovy baby - with my forest green jersey today - to quote Austin Powers :o) 

Morange is permanent in MAC's makeup line, it has a cream finish and it was opaque in two coats.

For the swatches I used:
1 coat of Essence Nail Art Protecting Base Coat
2 coats of MAC Morange
 1 coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat

 Come summertime, I will probably wear it with my "candy" bracelet from Six, looks refreshingly multi-colored, what do you think?


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My Weekend Depotting Discovery

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Mr. Blusherine and me hung out around the house, we did some cooking, some reading and we also cleared his driveway from what felt like tons of snow. Now I have sore muscles, not because of working out at the gym, but because I am just not used to shoveling around such huge amounts of snow. :-)

Here is a picture of the landscape at my boyfriend's place in Lower Austria. We were driving to a restaurant today, but it was closed, so we had to go home and cook ourselves...

One thing I did discover this weekend: when I depotted my MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows I found out that they don't have a pan, but a white plastic net bottom. Very strange! I was afraid the whole eyeshadow would fall apart if I stuck it into my MAC palette that has no inserts, see here.

So I unwrapped a brand new MAC palette from my backup stash, left the inserts in and put my two Extra Dimension eyeshadows in. I hope the inserts will keep the powder in place and it won't start to crumble and dissolve...

The rest of the weekend was dedicated to trying to comply with my New Year's resolution of working out more (of course)!! :-) Now the only sports I truly like are jogging and climbing and since it's too cold to go jogging at the moment (or since I'm too much of a wimp to freeze my behind off), my boyfriend and I decided to go climbing regularly again. So this weekend we drove to the climbing gym and tried to approach the walls fearlessly... :o)

... it did not go without falls...

Other than that, reading-wise, I finished Lauren Conrad's book Beauty yesterday and now I will start reading "High Heels und Gummistiefel" by Muriel Zagha, which - I admit - I only bought because it has the words high heels on the cover...

I will let you know how I like it! (The original title is "Finding Monsieur Right", by the way).

So that was my weekend, now I will plunge into my bathing tub and relax with bubbles from Lush...


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Quick Tip Vienna: Wig Flea Market

Hi everyone,

if you live in Vienna and are interested in wigs, I have a quick tip for you:

The Volksoper Vienna (opera house) is selling many of their wigs at their Wig Flea Market tomorrow, Saturday 19th of January, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Look forward to 800 wigs for sale, they will cost between 50 cents and 10 euros!

Here are three pictures from their homepage, to give you an idea:

All three images © Volksoper Wien

The Wig Flea Market will take place on the Rehearsal Stage 1, Severingasse 9 (which is not directly where the opera house is located, but in a side street):

Probebühne 1 der Volksoper
Severingasse 9, 1090 Wien

Please find all the infos in German here:


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MAC Aztec Brick Look

Hi Ladies!

I read about the MAC Year of the Snake Collection that is coming out in February and saw that MAC Aztec Brick eyeshadow will be repromoted. I already have it from the 2010 Spring Colour Forecast Collection, it was part of the Colour 4 Eyeshadow Quad.

Here it is in this picture from an old travel post, it's number 15, exactly the shade that has the 15 over it! My Aztec Brick is a small size, obviously, the eyeshadow sizes in the upcoming collection will be large ones.

 (click to enlarge)

This morning I thought I'd do a quick look with Aztec Brick, so you have an idea of how it looks on the eye. MAC describes it as frosted true copper, and I'll go with that. Finishwise it's a Veluxe Pearl.
I tried to use permanent colors only for the rest of the shades, but somehow Showstopper sneaked in :-) Chances are you have it, because it has been repromoted a gazillion times.

 Products used:
(all MAC)
Painterly Paint Pot
Aztec Brick (lid)
Mystery (crease)
Showstopper (LE) (outer v)
Malt (brow bone)
Brulé (highlight)
Plush Lash Mascara 

 Here is how I placed the shades:


 Hope this helps in determining whether you "need" Aztec Brick or not! :-))


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Vienna under Cover

Hi guys,

Vienna is under a thick layer of snow, it started snowing last night and it doesn't seem to stop. They predict rain and snowfalls all through the following week, we're at 30 cm/12 inches now and we'll see what we'll finally get.

My boss is stuck abroad because planes are not allowed to land at Vienna Airport at the moment.

Me, I just went to get lunch and and tried hard not to slip and fall on the way from my office to Vapiano... :o)

Speaking of lunch, here is what I got:

It's their current seafood salad special, yummy!

Now back to calling the airport to see if my boss will be able to make it home tonight...



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MAC Shanghai Spice Lipstick

Hi Ladies!

Since you all seem very interested in MAC's Cremesheen and Pearl Collection from last year (it keeps climbing up in my "popular post ranking"), I thought I'd start swatching the lipsticks that I got from that collection. Which, come to think of it, have all become permanent!

I bought 4 of the 8 shades available, here is the first one:
Shanghai Spice

It's a peachy nude, more peachy than nude, finishwise it's a Cremesheen.
MAC describes it as a "frosted neutral pink" on their homepage, haha, I think we're really diverging on this one, I don't see any frost or pink personally, it might come off on some lips as pink, but just merely looking at the color, it's more of a glossy deep rose color with a hints of beige/brown.

Blablabla.... :-) here is a swatch comparison of the 4 lipsticks that I got:


 Did you get any of these lipsticks? Are you liking them?

If you want to read more about the collection and my haul, click here.



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I'm Back - Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a great holiday and are back healthy and happy! :-)

I was at home in South Tyrol/Italy, to visit my family, and if you wish, I'll take you on a little trip with me! :-)

We drove home on Saturday before Christmas, I had anticipated heavy traffic on the highways - but - to my surpise, the streets were almost empty!

 It's a seven-hour-drive, but once you're approaching Innsbruck, you're almost home :-) (or at least it feels like that... :-))

Can you guess what song was playing? My Italian readers will know... :-)

Once at home, we basically spent our time eating, sleeping and drinking coffee! :o))
We took long walks in the mountains to digest all the food we ate :o)


... and more walks...


Now I'm back, with a little more weight than I left with... :o)

 To get back into the beauty and fashion spirit I am currently reading:

 On my nails:
MAC Festive Finery, topped with Essence Circus Confetti

 wish you all a Happy New Year 2013!! And of course, may all your dreams come true!!!


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