Dinner Party in Navy Blue...

Hi everybody!

Life has become so much easier since I own a smartphone! For many things, like for looking up recipes at the supermarket, catching trains in time and also for blogging! I never bothered to take my camera with me anywhere, and now, with my phone, I always have one on me! Given, the quality is not as good, but I can take snapshots whenever and wherever and share them and I hope you like it!

So last week I had to go to a company dinner. The dress code was Cocktail - which means short, elegant dresses for ladies and dark suits for men. Since I didn't have anything to wear (really, I swear!) I went dress shopping last week.

I went to my usual stores: H&M, Esprit and Zara and I didn't find anything. I was about to give up when I saw the Mango sign. I usually never find anything at Mango because the cuts are too petite for my not so petite body, especially at the shoulders tops never fit me properly.

But, surprise surprise, I found something, and even on sale:

I realize you can't see much of the dress :-D so here it is from their homepage:

It was 50% off the retail price, so I ended getting it for 24,99 euro. I added a chain belt from Zara to give it more structure.

I also added a blazer, also from Mango, it's this one here, for 49,99 euro:

Shoes were these Mary-Janes-heels from Guess, I wrote about them here, I have a black and a red version (and to be honest, also a nude version...)

I actually ended up changing them for black booties, because it was snowing heavily that evening and the streets were snow-covered and icy!

For earrings I picked these ones out at SIX, vaguely remembering the shade of the dress...

 ...and the nail polish was MAC Rain of Flowers:

 Hope you liked my "business outfit of the day" :-)


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Valentine's Day at the Take-Away

Hi everyone!

So this week was Valentine's Day! I don't really ever celebrate that and that's why I didn't mind spending the evening at the Inglot store.

I already wrote about it here and here, I went with my friends Lilly and Nyota after work.

The Inglot ladies had decorated the store for the occasion:


I still went to dinner with my boyfriend afterwards, but it was less of a "let's get cuddly for Valentine's day" and more of a "we're hungry, let's get some food"...

 My boyfriend has recently discovered a Vietnamese take-away in Wien/Neubaugasse 45 called Happy Vietnam. As you can see, it's not your typical Valentine's Day location, but rather the Vietnamese real thing :-)

They serve Vietnamese and Chinese dishes, you may sit down, but you don't have to! We had spring rolls and Pho Bo, a traditonal Vietnamese soup with rice noodles, herbs and beef.


If you've ever been to Vietnam and are getting nostalgic now, please find pictures of our trip to Vietnam last year here. ;-)

As far as beauty purchases go, I got the much hyped Soap & Glory Hand Food at Douglas and yes, I think it's worth the hype! :-) The beauty nation seems to disagree on whether the scent is pleasant or not, I belong to those who like it! So for me, two thumbs up!

For my apartment I got this cute little jewelry holder at Nanu-Nana in Wien-Landstraße, it is currently available and costs 6,95.

As you can see it matches my furniture! :-)

On my nails this week:
A brick red, as Essie calls it!

And on the lipstick front:

My second tube of MAC Cute-ster is nearing the end...

So expect an updated post on "My Cute-sters"...

You'll see a picture like the following, but two tubes will be gone...

Last but not least, here is a funny sign that I saw in a shop window on Stiftsgasse.

Since spring is coming, I thought this is very appropriate to post :-D

And so true!!! :o)


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Austrian Readers: Win a 10€ Gift Certificate from Inglot


 Hi everyone!

At the Inglot Valentine's Day event yesterday we were given a 10€ gift certificate that we could give away to our readers.

So here is how you can win it:

Write a comment below telling me what you would try first at the Inglot store!
Be sure to leave me your e-mail-address so I can contact you!

The giveaway is open until February 24th to all Austrian readers of my blog, the gift certificate will be sent to you by Inglot!

 If you won, here is how to find the Viennese store in Donauzentrum:

Good luck!


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My First Inglot Palette

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I went to the Inglot Valentine's Day event with Lilly and Nyota, to check out their "dreamy, romantic and sensual" new collection, as it said in the invitation:

We had great fun, it's always fun to go to makeup events with "the girls".
The other Viennese bloggers who were there were Michischaaf, Chamy's Diary, Anonymous Beautyholic, Mel Eyre, Can You Smell The Colour?, Coral and Mauve, Kirschblüte, Hello Than, Nagellackprinzessin, Vickyliebtdich, Aida, Patricia and Wien Mitte. I didn't get to see everybody because we were not all there at the exact same time, so I hope I am not missing anybody. If I do, let me know! 
We all ran around, chatted and tried things out. :-)

Here is the display for the new collection, they decorated it with cute hearts and roses:


Now I didn't buy anthing from the new collection, even though the colors were very pretty. Instead I tried to assemble an eyeshadow palette. I almost had it together but they were out of one color, so I am waiting for that color to come so that I can show you what I got.

For now I will show you what I have previously bought on my very first trip to Inglot, namely, my very first Inglot palette, here it is in all its splendor:

 I must say I was heavily influenced by Jule's post on her first Inglot palette, we have very similar makeup tastes :-).

I was originally planning to get the exact same quad she has, but when I was in the store (also with Lilly and Nyota at the time), I changed it up a bit. Here comes the palette and also swatches:
(click all images to enlarge)

For a quick eye makeup, only using this palette, here is what I came up with:

The eyeshadows in detail:
402 Pearl 

 409 Pearl

 12 AMC Shine

423 Pearl
 434 Pearl

Have you tried Inglot eyeshadows? Are you liking them?

If you want to try out Inglot products and are an Austrian reader, you can win a 10€ Inglot gift certificate here, open until February 24!


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My Hair in Pictures...

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Mine has been filled with hair experiments, that's why I'll call this post "My hair in pictures", instead of "My week in pictures"... :o)

After watching this video by TiffanyD on Thursday, I went straight out to get Paul Mitchell's Hot Off The Press Heat Protectant Spray because Tiffany said it's life-changing! :o)

She also said that she didn't use to curl her hair that often because the results were never so great, but that with this spray she had a whole new curling experience. What can I say, she had me right there! That's exactly why my curling iron is lying unnoticed in the back of my dresser...

So I called a couple of hair salons in Vienna until I found one that sold it (if you're curious, I got it at salon Hauptsache, Neubaugasse 9, 1070 Wien).

Here it is:


I went straight home, washed my hair, applied L'Oréal Studio Line Hot Curl Thermo Spray and first blow-dried it nicely (because if I've learned one thing from Lauren Conrad's book "Beauty" it's that you have to first give your hair a proper blow-out before you start curling it, to get optimum results. (Ok at this point you must realize that I am a total greenhorn when it comes to hair....)

After that I curled my hair strand by strand, vigorously applying the Paul Mitchell spray to the lenghts of my hair. It worked great, the only thing that freaked me out were the crackling sounds my hair made, as if I really WAS frying it. I read in the Hot Off The Press product description that rice extracts protect the hair from heat, and that's excactly how it sounded: as if I was munching away on rice crispies... :o)

But the experts must know what's good for you hair, right? So after I was done, I generously sprayed the Hot Off The Press Spray all over my head to set the hairdo, as it said on the bottle to do.

What can I say, the results were amazing, never had curled hair like that (please excuse my very fashionable pajamas... :o))

  I was really impressed! My curls never looked better. I had never even succeeded in forming really nice curls before!

But unfortunatly, three hours later, they were almost gone, and the next morning, they were COMPLETELY gone (even though Tiffany had said they last her until the next hair wash).

Boooo-hooooooooo..... I was very sad...

I remembered I had read something in Lauren Conrad's book and ran to get it:
(text spelled out beneath)


"If you have fine, thin hair and are looking to pump up the volume, there are a lot of great volumizers and thickeners on the market. But avoid ones that rely on copolymers. This is the ingrediant in hair products that helps with hould by making the strands stick together. (The technical name is PVP/VA copolymer) It works by preventing each strand from absorbing moisture and only lasts for a short period because it breaks down easily. Your hair will look great... until a couple hours after you've applied the product."

That's exactly what happened! I went back to check the ingredients and both the L'Oréal Studio Line Hot Curl Thermo Spray and the Paul Mitchell's Hot Off The Press Heat Protectant Spray have copolymers in them.

So I went to the drugstore and bought a heat protectant without copolymers, John Frieda's Full Repair foam:

I applied it to my hair, blow-dried it, curled it and misted Schwarzkopf's Osis+ Freeze all over my head, which is a pretty strong hairspray:

 The results?

To my suprise - also great! Which led me asking myself:
When did I master curling my hair? I use the same curling iron, so when did I get the hang of it?

 The sad news:
Curls disappeared after a couple of hours, even though the John Frieda foam had no copolymers in it, and even though the strong hairspray had made my curls really crunchy. Next morning, curls were completely gone...

 Do you have any suggestions?

I realize that gravity is an issue with long hair but I was so in love with the results both styling products gave me and was so sad to see them disappear so quickly...

And now I'm looking at Rihanna's Grammys curls and am even sadder... ;o)) 
Do you know any products that might work for my fine, thin hair?
Is there anything I should try? 
Please you hair gurus out there, help me!


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