Revlon Lip Butter "Pink Truffle"

Hello my dear lipstick lovers!

It happened with Bourjois and it's happening with Revlon:

When they were readily available in our Austrian drugstores, I never cared for them.

Now that they're gone, I want them so bad...

(same principle as with toys when you're a kid or with men when you get older...) 


My friend Lilly gave me a Revlon Lip Butter for my birthday last year (thank you Lilly!!). The shade was Peach Parfait and while the color was a little too sheer to show up on my lips properly, I fell in love with the texture of the lipstick (well technically it's not lipstick, it's a lip butter).

And all I can say is: buttery it is!

I liked the feel on my lips so much that I decided to get two more, deeper shades, that would show up better on me, Macaroon and Pink Truffle.

And this one here is my favorite, ta-daaaaaaaa:
Pink Truffle

Smooth and shiny, it has the feel of a lip balm but the color kick of a lipstick. Just perfect!

 Colorwise, we're talking about MAC Hug Me, a brownish rosy shade. They're not dupes, but they are similar. Revlon Pink Truffle has the slightest micro-shimmer in it, which however comes off as shine! For me personally it is a "my lips but better" lipstick, but that of course depends on the natural coloring of your lips and your skin.

*edit: Find a swatch comparison of MAC Hug Me and Revlon Pink Truffle here.

This is what Revlon describes the lip butters as:
- Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%
- Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth
- Sheer to medium colour with buttery shine
- Available in 20 luscious shades

Yap, love them, if they come out with any more deeper shades, I am so there!


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Quick Tip Austria: Woman Day on April 18

It's been made official on the Woman Magazine Facebook Site:

Woman Day 2013 - which means up to 20% off at many Austrian stores - will take place on

Thursday, April 18.

For those who are unfamiliar with the event:
Woman Magazine organizes the bargain shopping day once (or even twice) a year so that we can all get makeup, shoes and clothes at a discount.

I will add the link to where you can find all the participating stores as well as the coupons as soon as Woman puts them online!

A quick tip from me:
it won't hurt to point out Woman Day in the non-participating stores as well on April 18, they might give you a discount too, I've seen it happen in the past!

Oh, and of course men may shop too!!

Now all I can say is:

Happy Shopping!



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My Imaginary Wishlist for Spring

Hi there!

I just tried out Polyvore for the first time, an online collage tool where you can mix and match outfits and play around with what you think would look good in real life!

I picked a blue and white polka dotted dress as the center piece and tried to match bags and shoes to it, now I'm curious, would you wear any of the combinations?

I think I would acutally wear all of them (because of course, I made it)! :-)))

Let me know, do you have a favorite combination?


Retro dress

Coast bow shoes
$120 -

Stilettos shoes
$38 -

J crew handbag

$850 -

Marc Jacobs green bag

Miu miu

Mulberry handbag
$1,125 -

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Minnie Mouse wears Lanvin

Minnie Mouse with Lanvin's Alber Elbaz
Photo: Thibault Camus/AP

Hi everybody!

Cute news from Disneyland!

 Here's what I found on Styleblazer, I think these are important news you should all know! ;-)


Grown-up Minnie Mouse gets mature Lanvin make-over

by Jada Gomez-Lacayo

Just a few months ago, we spotted Minnie Mouse at fashion designer Alber Elbaz‘s office getting fitted for a surprise treat. And now we have the big reveal! Queen Mouse revealed her royal Lanvin look at Disneyland Paris over the weekend. Topped with a pink sequined hat, Minnie’s look was every bit sweet and stylish as her trademark giggle. And peep her silver heels! We only hope that the dress will come in people size, because it’s gorgeous! Minnie loved the look so much, that she’ll wear the designer frock at all special celebrations in Paris.


 Minnie Mouse all smiles with Lanvin's Alber Elbaz  
Photo: Thibault Camus/AP

I read somewhere else that Minnie Mouse will still wear her signature red and white polka dotted dress and her bow headband day-to-day.



 The Lanvin dress will be for special Paris events only! :-)




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I Follow Rivers...

Hi my dear,

my vacation has come to an end, I left South Tyrol this morning, my boyfriend came to pick me up and we drove back to Vienna. It's a long drive, it takes about 7 hours (if you kind of respect the speed limits) :-)

On the radio (or should I say on my phone):

I always get a little homesick when I spend time at home, I then sometimes wonder why I ever left...

My hometown Meran is a pretty place in northern Italy, located within a basin and surrounded by mountains.

What's special about it is that about 50% of the inhabitants speak German and 50% speak Italian. How it became this way? South Tyrol was once part of Austria but when Austria lost World War I, Meran and the rest of South Tyrol became part of Italy.

Meran (the Italian name is Merano) is divided into three town parts: Obermais, Untermais and Meran. The river Passer divides Obermais and Untermais from Meran.

Looks like a mountain stream in this pictures, but actually this is the part that leads from Obermais down to the town center. It's called Gilf. Many years ago this was my way to high school, but now, I follow the river to go shopping into town :-)

Here is a better view, it shows the Wandelhalle, seen from the Empress Elisabeth Park. The Tower in the left side of the picture is the Pulverturm.

On a high plateau above Meran lies the skiing area Meran 2000. We didn't go skiing this time, we only went for a walk. We both had to buy sunglasses on top of the mountain because the mid-March sun was reflecting so heavily we could barely open our eyes.


I bought three nail polishes while I was on vacation, from Italian brand Collistar:

From left:
534 Verde Dinamica
543 Arancio Energica
542 Arancio Solare

Of course I had to try one out right away, so here comes Verde Dinamica:

I also got the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation because I heard many good things about it and Rimmel is not available in Austria anymore. I got shade 303 True Nude (which sounds very light but really is a medium beige color). They had a promotion where you got a free Wake Me Up Concealer with it and my foundation shade was packaged with the Concealer shade 040 Soft Beige. Can't wait to try both!

I also got the L'Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara, but unfortunately, I don't like it so much... It clumps heavily, anyone else had that experience?

Other than that I spent most of my time chasing my little niece:

I miss her already now that I'm back in Vienna!

What's up next?

Work tomorrow, awwwwwww.....

But I'll get back into the groove!


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Shoe Fun with Dolce & Gabbana

Wedges by Dolce & Gabbana
Photos by Luisa Via Roma

Hi everybody,

I am blogging from my phone here in South Tyrol/Italy, I'm on vacation at my parent's house and it's so nice to talk to my mom, relax and read magazines on the couch.

Mom and I like to take a bunch of women's magazines and read them, while pointing out cute outfits and pretty shoes to one another. We don't always agree on what's fashionable and not.  :-)

But on shoes, we kind of agree. Well, mom is the more sensible one, pointing more toward flats while I am admiring the sky high heels that will give your feet pain for hours if you wear them... :-)

Here is the first pair that I abolutely adore, I think they're fun, mom thinks they're funNY:

I saw these in a magazine and then tried to track them down online, I found them here for pre-order, they will be available on March 31, according to the website.


But the price unfortunately is way beyond my means...

Here are some more pictures of the shoe, all by Luisa Via Roma (I am not affiliated with the site in any way, just to clarify!)

And here from a fashion show picture:


While I was surfing on the site, I also saw these here, also by Dolce & Gabbana:

They will also be up for sale starting on March 31, you can pre-order here!


And a fashion show picture:

And here come my 


 ALSO by Dolce & Gabbana (guys you're killing me this season):

Birdcage Shoes!!!

Aren't these genius?

I couldn't find any place online where you could pre-order, not that I could :-D

But here they are in the Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Show:


Also the Outfits!!!

Maybe, maybe someday...



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En Route with the Barbapapas

Hi my Lovelies!

While you are reading this I'm on my way to South Tyrol/Italy, to spend a week with my family and my cute little niece. I will probably have to wear a knight's armor because what will happen is I will try and rest on the couch and then the little midget will come and jump on her auntie! :-)

  I have packed a present she'll love, a storybook about the Barbapapas:

I can already see the excitement in her eyes!

But I haven't only bought a present for her, I have also bought plenty for myself! :o)

I feel a little guilty because I have spent so much money this past month, I really need to get a grip on myself and keep my wallet under tight wraps this upcoming month!

And since it fits the topic perfectly, here is a cartoon I found in the Vienna metro newspaper Heute last week:

It reads:
Love Is not overdrawing the credit card with online purchases

Can you see Mr. Blusherine worried about the dollar signs in my head?!!
 So onto the purchases:

The Austrian MAC stores received the Pearlmatte Face Powders of the Archie's Girls Collection this week and I ran to the store to get mine. No one had thought they would still arrive, but there they were and I got shade Flatter Me, the peachy one:

 I also got two things from Amazon:

The Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Quad in "What's Nude"
(it's all Lilly's fault, I saw it on her blog and had to have it... :-))

 and the
St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse in shade Dark (that's right, Dark :-))

I was gonna get the medium version but the only seller that had it didn't ship to Austria, so I got the dark version. I'll let you know how that turns out! :o)

 On my nails this week:
  China Glaze It's a Trap-eze
(Cirque du Soleil Collection)

And homemade dish of the week:

German-speaking readers may find the recipe here.

It's a great no-fuss, easy recipe, that even I can cook!

 And with that, I will leave you, my dear readers, to face my little niece's jumping action on the couch...


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