Quick Tip Graz: Shoes at the Museum!

© Kulturhistorische Sammlung/UMJ Graz

If that's not a reason to go to the museum!!

Hi my dear shoe lovers!

I have a quick tip for you if you live in Graz/Austria:

The Museum im Palais (Universalmuseum Joanneum) is currently exhibiting shoes. The name of the exhibition:
"Step up Please: Shoes with Stories to tell".

© Kulturhistorische Sammlung/UMJ Graz

Expect to find rare shoe finds such as the above! :-D
(No, I didn't crop the front!) :-DD 

© Kulturhistorische Sammlung/UMJ Graz

The exhibition is open:
Wed-Sun from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. until January 12, 2014.

The museum is located at:
Sackstraße 16 in Graz

 © Kulturhistorische Sammlung/UMJ Graz

Find more details on:
Pontifical Shoe

© Kulturhistorische Sammlung/UMJ Graz

I will leave you with a couple more pictures and would like to thank M.R. from Universalmuseum Joanneum for helping me with the pictures!

Have a great shoe day everyone! :-)

© Kulturhistorische Sammlung/UMJ Graz

 © Kulturhistorische Sammlung/UMJ Graz

© Volker Wohlgemuth/Graz


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MAC Temperature Rising Collection

Hi everyone!

I went to MAC's Preview Party for their collection Temperature Rising yesterday, together with Lilly and Nyota. We met many fellow bloggers there, Kirschblüte, Chinda-Chan, Michischaaf, Nagellackprinzessin, am I missing anyone?

As always it was great fun to stroll around and swatch everything. I also enjoyed talking to complete strangers at the testers, it was interesting to see what they thought of the items.

There werde three collections on display: Temperature Rising, Art of the Eye and Fashion Sets (Fashion Sets had no testers however), so expect these color stories to launch on May 2nd at MACs here in Austria!

I am always looking forward to summer collections, they are my favorite ones throughout the year, I just love the bronzy, tan, coppery shades and I feel like I could plaster them all over me! :-D

So I did my share of haulin' for sure!

I was really impressed by the two eyeshadow quads and I got them both, gorgeous gorgeous colors, well selected and put together:

Bare My Soul Eyeshadow Quad

Here is a look with the palette:

If you want to know more about the look and what products I used, click here.

The second eyeshadow quad is:

Temperature Rising Eyeshadow Quad

 Of the bronzers I already had Sun Dipped Prolongwear Bronzer from last year's Hey Sailor Collection, I can totally recommend that bronzer if anyone is interested!

Since I am a total bronzer girl and I have always wanted to try Refined Golden (which is permanent), here was a chance to pick it up in the pretty LE packaging:

Refined Golden Bronzing Powder

Already tried it this morning, love it! 

Of course Blusherine rarely leaves a preview party without buying a lipstick, so here is the one I picked up:

Caliente Lipstick (Dazzle)

For a dazzle finish this lipstick is really pigmented! There IS a good (good!!) share of glitter in the formula, but - opposed to dazzle finishes that have been released before - there is also a good base color, so you get both glitter AND color when applying the lipstick!

Here is a swatch of MAC Caliente:

Find out more about the lipstick here.

Since I love the regular Strobe Liquid Lotion available in the permanent MAC range and I'm almost out of it, I thought I'd give the bronzy version a try:

Strobe Liquid Lotion Golden Elixir

 I applied it this morning and  - at a first glance - I think the regular version is a little more reflecting (in a good way) than this one (the original one being whitish). The shimmer in the bronze version is much closer to my skintone than the shimmer in the regular version, so it doesn't show up quite as well! But don't quote me on this one, I will have to really compare the two before I commit to my opinion based on just one usage! :-)

At checkout there was a really nice surprise:

A free drinking bottle, yay! :-)

Comes really handy now that I have started jogging again! Thank you MAC!

Are you eyeing anything from the collection?
Any favorites, must-haves, no-gos? :-)



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Smashed to Pieces (In the Still of the Night)

Hi everyone!

Another week has gone by and here comes my roundup!
I don't know about you, but each new season I am totally clueless as to what to wear! Does that happen to you too?

I would rummage through my closet each morning, desperate to find an outfit that somewhat goes together. To end my misery, this past week I spread all potential outfit combinations that I could think of on my bed and started to arrange outfits. I put them onto my movable clothes rail and now, when I get up in the morning, I just pick an outfit and I' m good to go! :-)

On the subject of clothes and fashion, here is a pair of shoes that I bought last week, they are red patent leather pumps:

  The brand is SMH (Shoes Made in Heaven) and I bought them at Humanic shoe store. They cost 79,95€ and are still available!

Nails of the week were:

Collistar 543 Arancio Energica
It's the middle one of these polishes:

In order to get fit for summer I started jogging again. It's even much more fun since I installed Runtatic on my IPhone. I can keep track of my progress and I am now trying to beat myself every time I put those running shoes on!

Here is my score for April so far:
It gives the date in the first column,
the exercise type in the second (which would be running for me),
the distance in km in the third (I run between 3 and 4 miles),
the duration in minutes in the fourth column,
the pace per km in the fifth column and
the large calories burnt in the last column.

I am really motivated!!!

Of course I did not only go jogging :-) I also made up for the calories burnt by devouring many portions of delicious food!

I had dinner on the roof terrace of Akakiko, where you have a nice view all over Vienna:


The tower you see in the back with the writing on it is a flak tower used for anti-aircraft during World War II. There are six of these flak towers in Vienna. They are different in height, yet the upper platforms are at the exact same sea level, so air raid defences could be completely coordinated.

The flak tower in my photo is the one in Esterhazy Park. It has now an aquarium in it and a climbing wall on it. In 1991 a box with the slogan "Smashed to Pieces .. In the Still of the Night" in German and in English was put onto the top of the tower - a memorial against war and fascism, designed by conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner.

After this brief historical digression, here is what I ate on the terrace:

Sushi and Chicken Dim Sum, both delicious

At Pho Vietnam Restaurant on Naschmarkt I had Noudle Soup with Wantan:

My friend had cold Vietnamese Shrimp Rolls and Glass Noudle Soup with Chicken:

Last but not least, my boyfriend cooked twice for me this week, yay!!

Here is what he made:

Chicken with Rice

and, on a different evening:
a Platter of Cold Cuts

 I wish he prepared dinner more often, but unfortunately I am the one getting home from work first! :-(

I hope you had a fantastic week and are all ready for the one to come!



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