MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection

Hi everyone!

 On Tuesday I went to the preview party of MAC's Alluring Aquatic Collection and - oh boy - I meant to spend no money, which you can see by the feature picture did not exactly work out!

 Best example for how that failed completely are the bronzers:

MAC Aphrodite's Shell (left) and Refined Golden (right)

Given, I am a summer girl, I love the sun, the beach, and I love bronzers. But I don't love them to the extent that I will buy one when I already have it in my collection and am nowhere near to using it up.  

Well, that's what happened with Refined Golden Bronzing Powder: I have it from last year's Temperature Rising Collection - and it's even permanent (where it only costs 24,50€ instead of the 27€ they charge for the special packaging), but I still bought it! Being the limited edition packaging collector that I am, the gorgeous sparkles were what made me drop all my original plans!

Have a look for yourselves:
The drops on the packaging are actual drops, they are 3D-raindrops, sparkling like real water, and I was mesmerized by these drops like the sailors in Pirates of the Caribbean were by the seducing song of the mermaids. ;-)

The other bronzer - Extra Dimension Bronzer Aphrodite's Shell - was just too pretty to be passed up - it's the first Extra Dimension Bronzer that I own, and so I was just curious as well!

The star of the collection are definitely the Extra Dimension Eyeshadows: 
Sea Worship (top left), Soul Serenade (top right)
Fathoms Deep (bottom left), Loreley (bottom right)

A few quick swatches from the preview night:

(click to enlarge)

I got the two lighter colors for using all over the lid, the two darker colors will be used for smoky eyes, they are really dark.

A word of advice on these:
Do not try to to depot them!

I tried previously, and this is what I found out:

These Extra Dimension Eyeshadows don't come in pans, but on a white plastic net (unless they have changed that, but I wouldn't risk finding out). This particular eyeshadow - Stolen Moment - came out at Christmas 2012, I depotted it, put it into my MAC palette but unfortunatelty the shadow has since detached completely from the plastic net. If I turned my MAC palette upside down, it would fall out and shatter. Just a quick tip!

Last but not least I got a lipstick:

MAC Goddess of the Sea (Cremesheen)

I couldn't resist the plummy gorgeousness that is this lipstick.

Here is a swatch:

Find out more about Goddess of the Sea lipstick as well as comparison swatches here

After seeing Temptalia's swatches of the lipsticks I might go back and get Mystical, I really like how that looks on her and the way it looks on Christine is usually a safe bet for me!

*edit: of course I couldn't resist and bought more lipstick ;-)

Here comes lipstick Enchanted One:

And here comes lipstick Mystical:

 I already have Pet Me, Please from the 2010 Fabulous Felines Collection, to be honest, I am not too fond of it. It has a frost finish and it does look great when swatched on the palm of your hand, but on the lips, it's just too frosty for my liking! I have barely used it since getting it!

Here it is, MAC Pet Me, Please:

So that was it, my dear makeup-lovers! I hope you liked my haul and thoughts on the collection. It was the first collection in a while that got me really excited!




xasperadastra Make up Deer on May 3, 2014 at 1:03 PM said...

Ciaoooo, ma qunto è bella questa collezione? A me piace davvero tanto anche se in molti qui dalle mie parti la reputano noiosa. Io ho preso online Mystical, Silver sun ombretto, Aphrodite's shell e Seduced at sea blush... però se ho occasione di vederla dal vivo temo qualcos'altro venga a casa con me, specialmente gli ombretti Lorelei e Sea worship mentre per quelli scuriho già cose simili!

Blusherine on May 3, 2014 at 1:13 PM said...

Ciao Laura, sììììììì, mi piace davvero tanto! Mystical mi sa che devo ancora prenderlo, ora che ho visto swachtes su Temptalia! E sono tutto d'accordo con te: gli ombretti chiari sono i più belli e versatili, quelli scuri non li useró così tanto, sicuramente non quotidianamente come Sea Worship e Lorelei!
Un bacione!

Lilly on May 3, 2014 at 5:53 PM said...

Ich wollte auch ned so viel ausgeben, gell? ;-)
Den Bronzer aus dem permanenten Sortiment haette ich mir nur wegen der geilen Verpackung gekauft, aber die sind mir beide zu dunkel/ orange gewesen. Ich hoffe, dass sie den anderen Blush noch bekommen, den will ich unbedingt.
Du hast dir sehr schoene Sachen ausgesucht aus der LE.

divna on May 3, 2014 at 10:16 PM said...

du hast wirklich eine ganz tolle auswahl getroffen!
ah blusherine, du kannst auch noch italienisch ... wo bleibt die gerechtigkeit? geile lippen UND italienisch! ;)

Blusherine on May 4, 2014 at 9:51 PM said...

@Lilly: bei mir hat auch einfach der Verstand ausgesetzt! :-) Dafür nehm ich mir jetzt vor, Refined Golden gaaaanz oft zu verwenden! :-) Hoffentlich wird der andere Blush noch nachgeliefert, drück dir die Daumen!

@divna: hihi, als Südtirolerin wär's schlimm wenn ich's nicht könnt! Danke fürs Vorbeischauen!

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